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Apple iPhone 6 Plus: it's a very big phone and it feels great - review

Verdict: Choosing between the iPhone 6 Plus and the smaller iPhone 6 could be surprisingly difficult if your hand, and your wallet, is large enough. It is large, yet the extra screen space is a boon. But that also makes it unwieldy, and could increase the risk of dropping it.
Pros: large and thin; bright screen; best battery life of any iPhone; adaptations for extra-large screen; iOS 8 allows third-party keyboards, workflow extensions and widgets
Cons: pricey; may be unwieldy if you don't have particularly large hands
5 years ago

Apple iPhone 6 Plus - AT&T

Verdict: With the debut of the iPhone 6S-series (Apple's flagship phones from last year) the 6 and 6 Plus are now a bit more affordable. Mobile technology is moving at a breakneck speed, and while it's easy to be wowed by the latest and greatest, it's important to remember that last year's brand new phone is...
4 years ago

Apple iPhone 6 Plus review: No longer Apple's top dog

Verdict: Apple iPhone 6 plus: That giant iPhone 6 Plus was near-perfect, but it's since been replaced by Apple's iPhone 7 Plus
2 years ago

iPhone 6 Plus review: is bigger really better for Apple?

Verdict: There's no way around it: the iPhone 6 Plus is big. Hella big. After years of being coy on whether size matters, this is a surprise smartphone monster from Apple. At 158.1mm long and 77.8mm wide, it's in Galaxy Note territory and more a bag-occupier than a pocket partner.
Pros: Full-HD screen, Stylish design, It's so big
Cons: Hard to use one handed, Expensive, It's so big
5 years ago

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB

Verdict: We said this in prior years with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but we'll say it again this go around; the latest iPhone (the 6 Plus, in this case) is indeed the best iPhone yet. Not only have Apple's internal upgrades delivered a phone that's fast and a pleasure to use, but its expansive 5.5-inch...
5 years ago

iPhone 6 Plus review: is the 2014 device worth revisiting?

Verdict: The iPhablet has a superb set of specifications with the display and battery life being the stand out features.
Pros: Great screen, Dedicated landscape mode, Solid battery life, Fantastic all-round camera
Cons: Too big for some, No stylus, Expensive
2 years ago

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Verdict: Though many people were skeptical that a larger-screened device could really improve upon the iPhone 5s-we weren't among them-the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus certainly do feel like steps up from the iPhone 5s.
Pros: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have bigger, improved displays which enhance internet browsing and media playing - the experience is especially great on the iPhone 6 Plus. Both devices feature upgraded back and front cameras with new features and better performance.
Cons: Calling sound is softer and more problematic, especially on the iPhone 6 Plus which takes some getting used to - some users definitely won't like the ergonomics of the calling experience on the large device.
5 years ago

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review: In Depth | Recombu

Verdict: They said they'd never do it, but Apple has busted a triumphant, unapolagetic u-turn by knocking out a phablet ...
Pros: Great camera
5 years ago
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