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Deciding on which heater to buy this winter? Read our guide right here!

As we head deeper into the winter months, staying warm and toasty will be a top priority for all. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new heater then you’ve come to the perfect place! Read on to discover our guide to finding the best heater!!

We cover everything you need to know about the different types of heaters available AND how to find the best deal using PriceMe and Power Compare!

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are fantastic for getting a room up to temperature and keeping it at that level. They also include special features like dehumidifying and air filtering. Heat pumps have a cooling function too. So, you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter, all thanks to one machine! Since they are very energy-efficient, they are super cheap to run and great for the environment.

They can’t be moved from room to room (or rental to rental). Therefore, they won’t suit bedrooms or smaller spaces. They can get noisy because of the fans. So make sure to place the external unit somewhere that won’t disturb your neighbours. They don’t work as well in colder temperatures. If you live in a colder climate, opt for a heat pump that can handle lower temperatures.

Ideal Space: Living room (medium-large sized spaces).
Upfront Cost: High. $1,000-$3,000+
Running Cost: Low (generally). Small unit- $200 or less per year (approx.) Large unit- $800-$900 per year (approx.)

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Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are great at distributing heat evenly throughout a room. They can output instant heat and quickly warm up your space. With different heat settings and timers, they are able to be customised to your liking. They are super portable and can easily be moved from room to room, so they are perfect for people who rent or flat. They come in either small or tower sizes.

Fan heaters can be noisy so they aren’t ideal for the bedroom. Some models feature a radiant element which can pose a fire risk. However, most models have a ceramic element instead which reduces any risks.

Ideal Space: Office, Living room (small-medium sized spaces).
Upfront Cost: Low. $30-$300+
Running Cost: Medium-High.

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Electric heaters

Electric heaters are fantastic since they are portable, easy to move and provide instant warmth in small to medium sized spaces. There is an amazing variety of electric heaters available. Convection heaters work quietly and efficiently. They have a portable design, perfect for bedrooms. Radiant heaters are compact and their targeted heat rays will warm people rather than the air. Panel heaters produce heat in minutes and are very safe. They can often be mounted onto the wall. Oil column heaters heat up a room slowly and quietly. They keep rooms warm even after they are switched off. Micathermic heaters are incredibly energy-efficient and heat up a room quickly and safely.

Electric heaters can be expensive to run (although they are cheap to buy) and they usually can’t output a huge amount of heat. Therefore, they are recommended for smaller spaces like the bedroom or office.

Ideal Space: Bedrooms, Office, Hallways (small-medium sized spaces).
Upfront Cost: Low. $40-$1000+
Running Cost: High.

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Electric blankets

Electric blankets are an easy way to stay snug and cosy in bed. They are cheap to buy and SUPER cheap to run! Nowadays, all models offer heaps of great features. These include multiple different heat settings, luxurious covers so that you don’t feel the heating elements inside the electric blanket, and various safety features including auto turn-off.

The obvious disadvantage of an electric blanket is that it only warms up your bed. So it’s really a supplementary form of heating. Also, electric blankets can be a fire hazard if something breaks. So, you always want to make sure you get one from a trusted brand, as these ones will meet the strict safety standards in NZ.

Ideal Space: Bed (available for all bed sizes).
Upfront Cost: Low. $20-$800.
Running Cost: Very Low. 10 cents per night.

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While they’re not heaters, dehumidifiers are incredible tools to keep your house dry. Remember, a dry house is a lot easier to warm up than a damp house. As well as making heating easier, dehumidifiers will help stop mould, mildew or other airborne allergens. They also act as a purifier, making the air cleaner and fresher. They come in various sizes that will tackle anything from a small slightly damp space to a large highly damp space.

Dehumidifiers collect moisture into a container inside the unit. If you get a small unit, then you’ll have to empty out the water often since the container is small. On the other hand, if you get a large unit, then it may be hard to empty out the water as the container will be big and heavy. So think carefully about what sort of dehumidifier you’ll need for your space. Also, they can be quite noisy. So you’ll want to think about where you’ll use it and when.

Ideal Space: Any space (different models can accommodate different sized spaces).
Upfront Cost: Medium. $100-$1,800.
Running Cost: Low-Medium.

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Which heater is right for you?

The right heater for you will depend on your space and situation! For a small space like your bedroom or office, an electric heater will likely be best. For bigger spaces like your living room, a heat pump or fan heater is probably ideal.

To figure out which heater is right for you- look at what space you want to heat and your budget. This will help narrow down your options to find a heater that is perfect for you!

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For more information on how to cheaply heat your home, click here!

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