Tackle School with HP: Get Your Gadgets with the Back to School Sale

Tackle School with HP: Get Your Gadgets with the Back to School Sale

John Doe

Posted on 25/01/2024

HP has parents sorted with their range of back to school products. As we embark on a new school year, students of all ages, from primary to tertiary, will be making use of modern and digital technologies to foster their learning and apply skills. 

HP offers an array of world-class digital and tech products that are designed with students in mind. Their innovative and cutting edge technologies will unlock new levels of focus, concentration and empower students to navigate the challenges of their studies and land on top with stellar grades and results – making your life as the parents hopefully a little less dramatic this school year.

Need a new laptop? HP has you Covered!

From the powerful 15inch machines – such as the HP 15.6-inch Laptop 15s-fq5152TU – to the dainty and lightweight yet mighty 13 inch screens – like the HP ENVY x360 13.3-inch 2-in-1 Laptop 13-bf0105TU – HP laptops are engineered and crafted with care. Unlock your inner Einstein with these reliable, high-quality and durable devices that will be your sounding board for learning, studying, and completing homework.

Setting up a home office? HP’s Desktops are the Top Choice!

Do you study a lot at home? Have homework to tackle? Or perhaps you work from home? A desktop is a great tool for high-performance, reliability and getting your tasks done. These powerful machines are perfect for those wanting something with a bit of grit, and HP has an awesome range to choose from, such as the HP Pro Small Form Factor 400 G9 Desktop PC, or the HP Elite Small Form Factor 600 G9 Desktop PC. Transform your home office space and transcend into an academic, creative master. Good grades are just the beginning. HP desktops will hone your skills, help you absorb lessons, and grow and thrive in 2024.

Want it on paper? HP Printers Deliver Quality

Crisp pigments and linework, fast printing, wifi functionality, and a plethora of other ingenious features, HP printers are an excellent choice for bringing your art to life, or for printing your notes for filing, highlighting and sticking on the bathroom wall. How about the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer for your home office? Or the HP Smart Tank 7305 All-in-One Printer. Don’t forget to stock up on ink and toners while you take advantage of the HP back to school sale. Printers are a back to school essential and you will want to grab yours while the sale lasts!

Need other bits and bobs? HP Accessories are there to help you!

From keyboards for whacking out essays, to bags and cases for on-the-go study, to speakers for jamming out while cracking into homework, HP’s diverse range of tech and school accessories will help you unleash your best academic energy and focus on creating, achieving and flourishing. Do you fancy the HP 230 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo? HP Prelude 15.6-inch Backpack?

Back to School Sale

Grab all of these incredible gadgets and accessories with HP’s incredible back to school sale. Make savings, while getting prepped and organised for the success of a school year. With an incredible 20-50% off, HP promises to help you start the school year right. 

Shop HP’s Back to School Sale

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