Small Space Solutions: 6 Tips for Decorating Compact Living Areas

Small Space Solutions: 6 Tips for Decorating Compact Living Areas

Keith Jambora

Posted on 26/03/2024

As more and more apartments and townhouse dwellings pop up across the biggest cities and even smaller towns around the country, more Kiwis will be finding themselves living in compact homes. Compact homes can be a little tricky to decorate. If you are feeling stumped on how to decorate your small space, we have compiled a list of 6 ideas to get you started. 


1. Choose a Dedicated Work from Home Spot

This may seem like an impossible task for a small living space. But you can squeeze a desk between the couch and the window, or against the window. With a bit of problem-solving and thinking outside the box, you can fit a designated working from home station into your home. You don’t want to have to work from the couch! It will help with productivity to have your own spot to work, so that the rest of your home is associated with peace and relaxation.

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2. Create a Gallery Wall

Do you have an empty wall above the couch? Or in the hallway? Fill that empty space with art and frames that speak to you. You can do this on a budget by finding the art images as digital download products, and have them printed either at home, or at a local printing shop. 

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3. Make Use of Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to make use of space on the walls without having to shove a bulky piece of furniture into the room. Floating shelves are a prime place to include picture frames, or tumbling plant leaves, or even just some unique looking and shaped knick knacks. 

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4. Add a Rug to Outline Spaces

You can use a rug to determine the border of your living room, and separate it from your dining table. A rug will also add texture to your space and elevate the cosy vibe. It’s also a great way to muffle the sound of footsteps to the downstairs neighbours. 

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5. Add Patterns

If you want to add multiple patterns to the same room, do it. It’ll add personality, depth and character to your space that will help take away from the smaller amount of room there is. Go on, show off your inner interior designer!


6. Never Forget the Greenery

Greenery will add life and spirit to your small space. The space will feel lighter and plants will add more texture to the room and create a more lively ambience. Could you add some plants in hanging pots? Or larger ones in between the couch and the corner of the room?

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Want something different? No worries

PriceMe is the place to go when shopping for your small living decor needs. From rugs, to furniture, to appliances and bookshelves, PriceMe will help you get the best deal for your home decor project, so that you can enjoy the process of creating your dream space without breaking the bank. 

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