Shop the Top 10 Pet Essentials

Shop the Top 10 Pet Essentials

Keith Jambora

Posted on 3/04/2024

Kiwis are lovers of cats and dogs. Many of us have one or more in our homes and they bring nothing but joy and spirit to our lives. 

Just like us, our pets need various bits and bobs to make life that little bit easier and more enjoyable. In honour of Pet Day, we have rounded up our top 10 pet essentials to help you craft the most cosy and happy life for your furry friend. 

1. A Soft Pet Bed

A soft place that is especially designed for your dog or cat to sleep is a must. Coming in a range of styles and shapes, a bed will make sure your pet has somewhere to rest that is just for them, so that they don’t always have to use the couch or your bed! Cats might prefer an enclosed bed as they love sleeping somewhere they feel most secure. 

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2. Cooling Pads

These are especially important for dogs who live in places that enjoy temperate climates. But even still, dogs require a lot of active exercise and their bodies will warm up. A cooling pad is a great way to help them wind down and cool off after a run around at the park. 

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3. Pet Crate

For dogs, crate training is an essential part of growing up. They are instinctively den animals and must learn how to self-regulate and sleep in an enclosed environment or crate. 

Cats will also need a crate, or a carry case that can be used to transport them safely to vet appointments. They’re also essential if you ever move homes. Cat carry crates provide a safe place for them to stay enroute so they don’t run away or injure themselves in a moving vehicle.

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4. Cat Trees

Cats are climbers. These nimble, acrobatic animals love to perch on high points in the home to watch birds outside or sleep. As predators, this is where they instinctively feel safe. Cat trees are a great way to provide your kitty a place to climb and play. Many of them come with scratching posts – which can help deter your cats from taking up this behaviour on your couch! 

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5. Slow Feeders

Sometimes, our furry friends can get carried away and gobble up their dinner too fast for their own good. You can slow them down by grabbing a slow feeder dish. The grooves and patterns force your dog or kitty to take their time, and not wolf down their meal.  

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6. Water Fountain

Did you know that our furry friends, particularly cats, instinctively prefer running water? This is something in their DNA that tells them that running water is safest to drink! You can help this instinct by choosing a pet water fountain that expels a constant flow of water. 

7. Nutritious Food

It’s important to feed our furry friends a balanced diet so that they live healthy and long lives. Generally, cats and dogs will enjoy a balance of “wet” food and “dry” food. It’s always fun to throw in the odd treat for that extra happiness!

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8. Obedience and Training Tools for Dogs

From puppy potty training spray, to adjustable dog seat belts, there are all kinds of accessories that will help make the obedience and training journey that little bit easier for you and your pup. You may even want to invest in dog dental kits to help protect their oral health and prevent hefty dental bills down the track. 

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9. A Litter Box for your Cat

Cats are clean animals and will always prefer to have their own place to go to the bathroom. A litter box means they can keep up their burying instincts and reduce any accidents on the carpet! You can find litter boxes that are enclosed to minimise odours and ones that are also disguised as pieces of furniture. 

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10. Cat Scratcher

Cats love to scratch to keep their claws healthy and sharp. By having a couple of scratching posts around the home, you can encourage this behaviour in the “correct” locations and prevent the chance of them damaging your couch and carpet!

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Bonus Essential: Pet Insurance!

Pet insurance ensures your furry friend will get the treatment they deserve if they fall sick or get injured. Pet insurance will also protect your wallet from the often exceptionally high vet vills. Consider investing in pet insurance today so that you can have the peace of mind that your pet will be cared for if something unforeseen happens!

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

The Different Types of Pet Insurance

Want something different? No worries! 

Shop pet supplies on PriceMe to find the best possible deals on all your pet essentials so that you and your furry friends can grow and thrive together. We even have the scoop on the best price for bird feeders and chicken coops if you prefer feathered critters!

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