Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Sports PC Style Functions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

On the verge of its local release, it’s the perfect time to check out the features and functions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

The first thing you’ll be impressed by is the highly responsive display, thanks to the 120 Hz refresh rate. The device is smart enough to adjust the refresh rate based on your content. It thereby helps you conserve battery life as you watch and scroll. Something else you’ll appreciate as part of your viewing experience is the quad speaker sound by AKG and Dolby Atmos.

The S Pen is another highly noticeable feature, and it’s been completely made over in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. The grip is even more comfortable and solid, while there’s been a big jump in the S Pen’s responsiveness; it’s as close to a true writing experience as you’ll get. S Pen’s operable distance is said to extend to about 10 metres from the device in open space.

The S7 promises PC style performance when it’s needed thanks to the efficiency of a full keyboard, larger trackpad and function keys. Marking up edits with the S Pen will make that task an effortless one, while you can review in DeX mode before sending away anything important.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 boasts the biggest battery on a Galaxy Tab so it will keep going and going whether you’re using it for business or for pleasure. And when it is time to charge, Samsung’s fastest tablet charger yet will make it a speedy process. With all this to look forward to, the S7 is bound to be a big seller. It currently retails at $1,379 inclusive of GST. Please refer to Samsung’s New Zealand site for detailed specs.

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