Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Coming

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Documents that Samsung has submitted to the American authority FCC reveal that a new called SMG770F. The about screen shows that it’s marketed as Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

The specs aren’t really that “lite” if one compares with the slimed S10e top-model, which was released in February 2019. The FCC documents show that Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite sports a 6.7-inch screen with FHD+ resolution. This screen size is much larger compared to S10e’s smaller 5.8-inch screen. S11 Lite comes with Dual-SIM and a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor.

The hardware is powerful with 8 GB of RAM memory and 128 GB of storage. The battery capacity ranges from 4,370 mAh to 4,500 mAh, which is substantially higher than S10e’s 3,100 mAh.

Specs similar to Samsung Galaxy A91

The specs for S10 Lite as listed by GSM Arena look very similar to those of Samsung Galaxy A91. One can, therefore, draw the conclusion that S10 Lite is the name that Samsung opted for in certain markets. A plausible reason for choosing 10 Lite instead of A91 is that consumers in these markets view the top-line Galaxy s10 series more favourably. It should be noted, though, that some of the bestsellers in the New Zealand markets in 2019 are Galaxy A-series phones like the A10 and A30 models. Hence, A91 might have been a suitable name in the NZ market.

It’s safe to assume that Samsung will launch the S10 Lite shortly due to the recently submitted documents to the FCC. We expect it to become popular given the phone’s low price to quality ratio.

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