Samsung Galaxy A6 Targets Mid-Market

Samsung’s flagship S9 model currently costs about $1,045. This high price tag excludes a lot of potential customers. The company, therefore, launched the A8 phone in its Galaxy A-series in order to offer a slightly less expensive model. The problem is that it’s still a fairly expensive phone and priced similarly to S8. Samsung had to rethink the price point once again and finally decided to launch the 5.6-inch Samsung Galaxy A6 and the larger 6-inch A6 Plus. These two A6 phones are cheaper than Galaxy A8 and target price-sensitive consumers.

The two phones have AMOLED screens in a rather tall 18.5:9 format.  Both phones run the Android 8.0 operating system and Samsung has promised to upgrade the OS quarterly. This implies that phone owners will have access to the latest software and user interface features that the Android team develops.

Samsung Galaxy A6

The screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy A6 is lower than S9’s at 1,480 x 720 px. The battery capacity is below average at 3,000 mAh.

It’s still unclear which processor Samsung will employ, but the Korean firm has confirmed that it has eight cores and a frequency of 1.6 GHz.

The A6-series lacks the Bixby button used for Samsung’s digital assistant, but there’s built-in support for this assistant.

The Galaxy A6 phone will launch mid-May at a price of about NZ$585.

Samsung Galaxy A6+

The Plus version of A6 sports some higher specs in order to support the larger screen. The screen resolution is 2,220 x 1,080 px and the battery has a capacity of 3,500 mAh.

The main difference of Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus compared to the standard A6 phone is the dual rear cameras with 16 MP and 5 MP resolution.

The A6+ price will be about $100 higher than A6’s price, which means a lot of “extra phone” for the money.


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