Samsung Galaxy A51 & Galaxy A71 Phones Released

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung has released two new successor models to the popular A-series lineup in Asia. Both the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the A71 model will appeal to a large consumer base due to the phones’ attractive pricing. It’s likely to be among the best-selling phones in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71 is the successor to the A70 model. Its screen measures 6.7-inch diagonally and has a width/height aspect ratio of 20:9. It’s larger than the A51 model. However, it’s somewhat smaller than its predecessor A70 because of the thinner frame next to the edges. 

Samsung A71 sports improved hardware with a Snapdragon 730 processor. There are 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM memory. The battery capacity remains unchanged at 4,500 mAh

The camera is probably the main upgrade compared to the predecessor. The main camera boasts 64 MP, assisted by a macro camera, a wide-angle camera and a depth sensor.

Samsung hasn’t communicated a price yet for the A71 phone. We forecast a launch price of $700 inclusive of GST, based on the introductory A70 pricing.

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung A51 is both heavier and wider than the A50 model with a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the screen.

Samsung has vastly improved the A51’s camera. The selfie camera is located in a small camera hole on the front screen. There are four rear cameras. The top rear camera has a 48 MP resolution.

The hardware upgrades are quite modest. The processor has been upgraded from Exynos 9610 to 9611, while there are 2 GB additional RAM memory. There’s 128 GB of storage. 

Preorder for the Samsung Galaxy A51 has already commenced in Vietnam, with first deliveries scheduled for the 27th of December. The local price in Vietnam equals about NZ$519 exclusive of GST. The A50 model currently retails as low as $472.99 inclusive of GST. Samsung will provide more details about release dates in other markets shortly. Please refer to Samsung’s Vietnamese site for more information and specs.

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