Samsung Family Hub 4.0 – An Intelligent Home Assistant

It’s a fridge that doesn’t know it’s a fridge! The new Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator thinks it is a high-tech online communicator, shopping assistant, meal inspiration provider, inventory mastermind and so much more. In fact, it is all those things. Samsung has long stated that it wanted to create a fridge that is more “intelligent home assistant” than a simple home appliance. Voila, Hub 4.0 is the result.

Examples of its intelligence include three built-in cameras that let you see what’s inside your fridge no matter where you are – just perfect if you’re out and about and unsure of whether you have that vital ingredient you need to make dinner. In other developments, Bixby has been enhanced and voice commands tweaked to be more conversational and interactive by using natural language. You can use your Samsung Galaxy Family Hub 4.0 to do your online grocery shopping, search for recipes, organise schedules, leave notes and reminders, and use it as a place to show off photographs. You can even sync the family’s respective calendars and schedules to the Hub. All this and more, including the ability to communicate with notes to the touchscreen from anywhere, using your smartphone.

So, we hear you ask? Does this thing actually refrigerate? Yes! very well, actually. The bottom right door has smart conversion, so you can switch it from a fridge to a freezer in an instant. There are five customisable temperature settings, while the triple cooling system uses three evaporators for precise temperature and humidity control. Yep, you certainly get a lot of fridge in your Samsung Family Hub 4.0…it’s the heart and brains of the kitchen!

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