PriceMe Awards FAQS

PriceMe Awards FAQS

Keith Jambora

Posted on 8/02/2024

About the PriceMe Awards:

The PriceMe NZ Awards rates customer satisfaction across a wide range of retailers and manufacturers, with the core purpose of helping consumers make better purchase decisions.

The awards are based on professional market research to determine the perceptions of consumers who have recently purchased from the retailers and/or used the specific products.

How do you collect information from consumers?
How many people do you survey?
How are the winners selected?
What are the benefits of the PriceMe Awards?
Why Do We Do the Awards?
How do the PriceMe Awards Impact Consumer Independence?
What is the Award Licence Programme?
What are the Benefits of the Award Licence Programme?
What is the licence process?
What is PriceMe and how does it help Kiwis?
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