LG G6 Plus Released in South-Korea

A new version of LG’s top line phone LG G6 has been released. The new LG G6 Plus offers a few new features compared to the predecessor and comes in several new colours. However, its size is neither larger nor does it boast more powerful hardware despite being named a “Plus” version.

The new phone is equipped with 128 GB storage. LG G6 Plus supports wireless charging. The main point of distinction is probably its advanced audio capabilities. The phone comes with a pair of premium earphones from Bang & Olufsen that utilise the digital sound converter Quad DAC. The version of LG G6 released in South-Korea also contained the earphones, but they never reached New Zealand shores. Hopefully, Kiwis will get a chance to enjoy G6 Plus’ sound when the phone is released in New Zealand.

Upgraded software

LG will upgrade the software installed on all G6 phones in conjunction with the release of G6 Plus. The main improvements of the update are:

  • warn users when a finger or hand covers one of the camera lenses.
  • reduced the power consumption in stand-by mode.
  • facial recognition software called Face Print that enables users to unlock the phone by holding the phone in front of their faces. Hence, there’s no need to press a button in order to unlock the phone.
  • automatic voice recording for contacts in the address book.

Pricing and availability

LG G6+ is available in terra gold and marine blue colours. We expect LG G6 Plus to have a retail price slightly higher than G6. This means that we foresee a price of about $1,230 at launch.

LG hasn’t communicated a released date for the NZ market yet. It will go on sale in July in South-Korea.

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