Invest in Cyber Peace of Mind with Norton 360 Premium

Invest in Cyber Peace of Mind with Norton 360 Premium

Emma Jackson

Posted on 14/03/2024

Did you know that public Wifi routers can put your security and privacy at risk? Unfortunately, that is the reality in today’s digital world. With more and more Kiwis working remotely, taking our devices to local cafes, libraries, and even working at airports, public networks are an attractive and accessible way to get through the week. Public Wifi is convenient and saves us from having to use up our mobile data. But there are risks. 

Why are Public Networks a Cyber Risk?

When we log into public networks, your personal or professional device can be easily accessed by hackers, who can then steal your personal information, such as your family photos and your banking information. Hackers can even send your data to the Dark Web and fill your device with nasty viruses and malware that will essentially turn the gadget useless. 

In this era of constantly being on the go, it has never been more crucial to invest in Norton 360 Premium. Norton 360 Premium is an accessible, easy-to-navigate, all-in-one cyber security solution that is compatible with PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. 

This comprehensive service gives you the peace of mind when you are connecting to public networks that your information, privacy and security will be protected. Norton 360 Premium comes with a plethora of features to keep you and your whanau safe while working, streaming, and shopping, from home and your local cafe alike.

Get Protected with Norton 360 Premium

Norton 360 Premium comes with lots of incomparable features that ensure you and your family are protected and that your devices run smoothly. Here are the features you will enjoy!

Device Security

Keep multiple devices safe and protected from potential hackers, viruses, and malware. A single Norton 360 Premium subscription will secure multiple PCs, Mac devices, smartphones, and tablets. Norton 360 takes advantage of scanning technology to monitor the security of your data and device. Its smart scan technology checks if there are any privacy issues with the Wifi network you are connected to. Meanwhile the quick scan technology scans for malware in places where such unwanted things are often found – such as temporary files and system files. 

Secure VPN

Remain anonymous while browsing the web, from wherever you are connected. Your privacy is vital. Norton’s secure VPN will ensure you can continue with working and browsing, without a hacker finding out who you are and where you are and targeting you. The VPN works by hiding the internet data going to and from your device. This makes it difficult for hackers to pick up, so you remain secure and anonymous even if you are connected to a busy airport network.  

Stay Away from the Dark Web

The Dark Web is the dangerous side of the internet. If a hacker transferred your details to the Dark Web, you’d be in big trouble! With Norton’s active monitoring technology, Norton 360 Premium ensures your information stays where it is meant to be – with YOU. Norton 360 Premium does this by making sure that no one can steal your personal information such as your credit card, banking details and email addresses. 

Protect your Children Online

For parents, peace of mind is everything! Norton 360 Premium allows you to help navigate your children through the digital world safely. You can easily monitor their online activities and prevent them from accessing inappropriate and unsuitable content. Parents can see their child’s search history and the videos they have viewed. You can even set screen limits. The setup is easy, too! All you have to do is add the first child you’d like to monitor, then choose their device that you’d like to keep an eye on. You then install and activate the Norton Family app to your child’s device and pull up the app to start monitoring! Peace of mind is truly at your fingertips. 

Manage your Passwords Securely

Do you have a list of passwords noted in a Google doc? Or scribbled into a notebook on your desk? Norton 360 Premium will store all your passwords in an encrypted “vault” that only you can access. It will also autofill your passwords into logins so that you don’t have to remember them yourself. Protecting your passwords is one of the key parts of cybersecurity. Norton 360 Premium makes this process straightforward and easy to set up. Simply click on the password management feature, and get started by clicking “create vault.”

Automatically Backup Files

Your photos, financial documents, and that novel you wrote when you were bored are worth protecting from loss. Your Norton 360 Premium will automatically backup your files into the cloud from your Windows PC. After following the clear instructions, you’ll get to enjoy automatic, instant backup of your files. Although it is important to note that the first time you set up your backup, the process may take some time as Norton examines and copies all the files on your computer. You can speed up this process with a quick internet connection. 

The Final Verdict: Cybersecurity is Essential

A Norton 360 Premium subscription provides you with an easy-to-navigate interface, clearly highlighting which features the service delivers so that you can carry on browsing, streaming, and working, with the knowledge that you, your devices, and your information are protected. As the digital age continues to expand and evolve, changes to the landscapes are ever-present and threats are, unfortunately, all around us. Norton 360 Premium delivers simple, yet robust cyber protection at an affordable price – one subscription covers 5 devices and is priced at $204.99

PriceMe would recommend Norton 360 Premium to Kiwis and whanau seeking comprehensive yet easy-to-use and navigate cybersecurity and safety. Secure you and your family’s cyber wellbeing so that you can study, work and connect from anywhere in Aotearoa and beyond with peace of mind. 

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