Fridge Freezer Buying Guide


Posted on 6/09/2017

Fridge/Freezers come in many different configurations: fridge on top, freezer at the bottom. Or, freezer on top, fridge at the bottom. Or, fridge on one side, freezer on the other side. Don't forget the dazzling array of colours now available, and a mind-boggling range of features too. There's a lot to think about when it comes to buying your new fridge/freezer!

Size It Up

You might fall in love with a certain model, but it's all for nothing if it won't fit. It might sound obvious, but you must have a clear idea of how tall, how wide and how deep your new fridge can be. Measuring up fridge/freezers and eliminating ones that won't fit is a great way to whittle down the large amount of option! As for interior capacity, anything around the 350 to 500 litre mark will suit a family of four.

The Top To Bottom Of Pricing

Usually, you can expect fridge/freezers with the freezer on the top to be cheaper to buy and to run, but you must bend down to access the fridge compartment. The fridge/freezer with the fridge on the top is generally more expensive but the most used compartment, being the fridge, is at eye level and easier to access. While side by side fridge/freezers usually offer great storage capacity and extra features e.g. ice and water dispensers, but their large size means they're not suitable for every kitchen.

How Safe Does It Keep Your Food?

Some fridge/freezers are better than others at limiting temperature fluctuations as the compressor starts and stops. Some offer a uniform temperature right throughout the appliance, while others can't provide this same level of uniformity. While others respond better to changes in ambient temperatures, such as a warm day turning into a cool evening. When you consider that a fridge/freezer's number one job is to keep food safe, then it's important you find out if it is engineered to provide that safety.

Cleanliness Is Another Safety Factor

While we're talking about food safety, we can't overlook cleanliness. Cleaning the fridge is not everyone's idea of fun, so look for a fridge/freezer that at least makes cleaning easier with easy to remove drawers and bins, and smooth interior surfaces that are easy to wipe down.

Nice And Quiet

Some fridge/freezers are designed to run in virtual silence. This is an important consideration in this day and age when open plan living is in vogue. If you're in this situation, where your kitchen shares the same space where you dine or entertain guests, check out fridge/freezers renowned for being quieter than others.

Easy To Configure

What you put in your fridge/freezer will vary from time to time. Packages, bottles and food items of different shapes and sizes will need to be accommodated, so some flexibility in terms of moving and adjusting shelves to create space is a highly desirable feature.

Make A Star Choice

If you've whittled down the list of potential fridge/freezers to two or three, go for the one with the most stars on its Energy Rating sticker. Then more stars, the more efficient it is and the less it will cost you to run.

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