Cooling Fans Buying Guide


Posted on 18/07/2013

When the warm weather rolls around, it really doesn't matter what part of the world you live in, that sunshine can be uncomfortable. It doesn't take much for your whole home to heat up to uncomfortable levels, but the cost of running air conditioning may have you looking for an alternative way to stay comfortable.

Cooling fans are designed for just this purpose. They are portable so that they can be moved around the house. Additionally, they circulate the air enough to stay cool without pushing the electric bill through the roof.

When you start shopping for cooling fans, you will find a variety of different models and none really look like the traditional bladed fans from the past. You may be wondering how you can possibly choose from the high-tech devices and pick one that will best suit your own cooling needs.

A Note on Energy Efficiency

These days, cooling fans have become extremely energy efficient and they are great ways to keep the electric bill down while still remaining comfortable. If you are most concerned with how much energy the model you choose will be, then you can look for those that specifically say they have an energy-efficiency rating. The fans already use less power than an air conditioner, and these efficient models will use about ten percent less than that.

Considering Shapes and Sizes

When you begin shopping, you will quickly notice that cooling fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the different models actually do have advantages that you need to consider before you purchase.

Tower Fans

these devices are quiet, low profile, and very good at keeping a small space cool. Many of them do have an oscillating feature. You can even choose from models that will work as an air filter, making them an ideal choice if someone in your household has allergies.

Bladeless Fans

perhaps some of the newest technology in the heating and cooling industry, bladeless fans are round or oval in shape and produce air flow through the center. They don't oscillate, so they are best for small rooms or when you only need one space cooled.

Tabletop Fans

Perfect for offices and small workspaces, these fans will provide direct cooling to you where you are sitting. They usually have an adjustable head so that you can direct the air where you would like. They are small, however, and will not cool a whole room.

On a side note, if you have small children or animals in the home, you do have to keep safety in mind. Not all fans are appropriate in these situations. Any cooling fan that is on a stand could be at risk of tipping over.

Additionally, any model that has blades could pose an injury threat to small hands or tails that could slip past the guard mesh. If you do have little ones in the home, a bladeless fan can be the ideal option.

Think about the space you are trying to keep cool. Obviously, no single fan can cool your whole home, so it will limit you to one or two rooms. If you have a large, open space, a small one-directional model won't do much.

For larger rooms, you do have to consider larger, oscillating fans that will do a better job of getting air moved about. A pedestal fan will help circulate the air at a higher level, which will cool off the whole room instead of just the space directly in front of it.

If you are only working to keep a small area cool or you work in an office, then a simple table fan will work the best. You don't necessarily have to worry about oscillation either.

Heater and Fan Combination

Finally, determine if you would like your cooling fan to do more than one job. Some models can actually switch back and forth between heating and cooling a room, which means you don't have to go out and buy a small electric heater for the cold months.

Information on Prices

The price of a cooling fan can range a great deal, but this is definitely something you will want to consider carefully. In the world of electronic devices, you do get what you pay for, and some low-cost models may do a poor job. Instead, you could choose from well-known and popular brands like Dyson so that you will have access to more features and better efficiency.

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