Duos Appliances: Delivery Quality Appliances and Value for Money

Duos Appliances: Delivery Quality Appliances and Value for Money

Emma Jackson

Posted on 4/04/2024

The home is a place where we work, relax, sleep, and play. Our homes should be kitted with home appliances that reflect our busy lives and streamline household tasks and chores with seamless precision – and make our lives that little bit easier. 

NZ Owned, Designed for New Zealanders

Duos Appliances – who are 100% NZ owned and operated – craft home appliances with New Zealanders at the focal point. Designed and manufactured for the NZ market, Duos Appliances deliver products with world-class functionality, user-friendliness and innovative, cutting-edge technologies. All products come with a 2 year warranty. But if you want to extend the warranty, there are options to do so. 

Functionality and Cream of the Crop Quality

 Duos Appliances come in standard sizes, such as the Duos Washer Dryer Unit (8kg wash and 5 kg dry) and the Duos Oven and 60cm Cooktop Combo. Their products are designed to reflect the growing populations of cities and towns, and the smaller apartments and rentals that New Zealanders are living in.

One of their most popular products is the washer and dryer combo, coming in a compact size to suit tighter spaces and busy households. With its sleek, white and black colour palette, the washer and dryer unit will fit perfectly into any modern home aesthetic and transform your laundry system with its 16 functions, child lock, and large washing and drying capacities. 

Value for Money

Duos Appliances understand that New Zealanders seek value for money and their budget-friendly price range touts their dedication to their New Zealand audience and needs. In the current tough times, a New Zealand business, who understands the hardships that New Zealanders are facing, making them an awesome brand to support. Delivering quality appliances with value for money prices is Duos Appliances mission. They even offer readily available spare parts. 

Genuine parts, fast shipping, quality manufacturing, thoughtful design, and value for money prices, Duos Appliances is a great choice for your home appliance needs. 

Having been in the market for 3 years, gaining extensive experience and an understanding of what New Zealander want, it is no surprise that they see a breadth of commercial customers such as electricians, property managers, and appliance servicing agents repeatedly choosing to invest in Duos Appliances. When you know commercial clients are investing, you can safely assure, as an everyday New Zealander, you can trust the product.

Invest in home-grown brands and appliances that will make household chores a breeze without breaking the bank. 

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