DIY Easter Basket Ideas

DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Emma Jackson

Posted on 13/03/2024

For those who wish to add their own personal flare to their Easter gift baskets this year, this article is for you. Creating your own, unique Easter gift basket that deviates from typical is a great way to express your personal style and show that extra bit of love to your family and friends. It shows you took the time to create something special for them. 

Here are 4 ideas for a DIY Easter basket this year.

1. Home Baked Cookies

Create your favourite cookies, maybe even ones that are baked or decorated with mini Easter eggs, and include them in your DIY Easter baskets. You could wrap the cookies in plastic gift bags and seal it off with an Easter coloured ribbon such as blue, pink, purple, green or yellow.

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2. Homemade Candles

For this crafty gift idea, you’ll need some candle wax, some wick, a small glass jar, and essential oils or fragrances. Simply glue the wick to the bottom of the jar and melt down the wax. Add a couple of drops of your favourite fragrance into the melted wax. Carefully pour the melted max into the jar, leaving a little bit of the wick sticking out. Wait for the candle wax to set and cool and voila, you have your own homemade candle to add to the Easter basket for your loved one. Or you could simply look at grabbing yourself a candle making kit to streamline the process.

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3. Hand Crafted Vouchers

Write your own vouchers for your loved one. Maybe a voucher for a coffee out with you? Or a movie night in? Use your favourite pens to write the message and create a voucher for an activity you can do together that you will both enjoy. What a cute way to show your loved one that you enjoy spending time with them!

4. Easter Activity Booklet for Kids

You could print the kids an array of colouring in pages, Easter worksheets such as word finds, crossword puzzles, and connect the dots. Print these out and staple the pages together to make your own booklet. Or you could make a hole punch in the top corner of the pages and thread a ribbon through to bind the pages together. Just google Easter worksheets for kids.

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