6 Relaxing and Productive Weekend Activities

6 Relaxing and Productive Weekend Activities

Amie Lee

Posted on 26/03/2024

Do you have a spare weekend ahead? One with no plans? But you want to end it feeling both refreshed and like you have achieved a little something productive? 

With only two days to the weekend, it can be hard to squeeze in everything that we’d like to do. But if you can relax and tick a couple of things off, perhaps the Sunday Scaries won’t get to you as badly. 

We have put together a list of the top 6 relaxing activities, paired with 6 productive things to do. 

1. A Movie or TV Show Day

It’s a classic for a reason! Grab your favourite snacks, beverages and blankets, and snuggle up on the couch for an afternoon of escapism. Sometimes, all we need is several hours to simply turn our brains off and lose ourselves in a story. Did you know that truly resting our bodies and minds is a productive activity? How can we show up in other areas of our lives if we don’t give ourselves proper rest. You can even jump on Broadband Compare to compare different broadband plans and find a better deal so that you can stream and save money. If you make the switch to a new provider, you may even get to enjoy joining perks such as a free year subscription to a streaming platform. How good? 

Need a Show to Watch? Here are some of our Recs!

2. A Painting Day

There is something therapeutic about putting pigment to canvas. Creativity is a great way to relax. It allows you to find a quiet place in your mind, or sift through thoughts that may have been bothering you. You could even invite a friend around to join you and have a deep conversation. Consider grabbing a paint by numbers to help guide your artistry. 

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3. Go for a Hike

Aotearoa is simply spoiled for natural spaces. From rugged, roaring coastlines, to sweeping forests teeming with birdlife. Take yourself out into nature, and soak in the seabreeze or the crisp forest air. The trails and hikes across New Zealand are generally free. Just make sure you wear a decent pair of shoes or hiking boots, and pack a reusable water bottle. 

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4. Food Prep for the Next Week

There is nothing better than going into the new week with school or work lunches all ready to go. Spend some time during the weekend preparing the meals for the next week, so that mornings are that little bit easier. You will save so much money bringing your own food to work, or having meals ready to eat if you work from home, than you would if you were to buy lunch out. It’s also generally healthier too! Find yourself some meal prep containers to stack into the fridge so that it’s ready to grab and go in the morning.

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5. Try a Home Workout

Moving your body is healthy for the mind and body. Exercise can release dopamine – the happy hormone. It’s a great way to ease stress and tension in the body and a productive way to spend your time. The best part about working out is the shower afterwards and you’ll enjoy lounging on the couch and watching your favourite TV show even more. 

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6. Compare your Bills

Did you know that comparing your bills is one of the best and most powerful ways to save money? NZ Compare makes it easy to compare your broadband, power, mobileand other money-related bills such as your mortgage, insurances, and personal loans. By comparing what is available on the market, you can make the most informed choice. You can even find a better deal out there that gives you more value for money, or one that is cheaper and ensures you save money over time. 

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