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Zombi PS4 Review

Verdict: Zombi is the PS4 and Xbox One port of well-known Wii U title ZombiU, only sans the U. Released on August 18 th 2015 after dwindling sales on the Wii U, does this PS4 version live up to its original Wii U standards?
3 years ago
Console Obsession

Review: Zombi

Verdict: In pop-culture, it seems as though the theme of zombies has been done to death (excuse the pun). But just like zombies themselves, the theme keeps coming back from the dead in new and interesting ways.
3 years ago
Pros: No cliche zombies | It's the same spooky Wii U Game | The threat of losing your character makes the game even better | Not as sluggish
Cons: Inventory System | Buggy, especially late in the game
Verdict: The zombies are back and this time they're taking a lot more victims down with them. Ubisoft's amazing zombie survival horror game Zombi U has now been fully ported to more than just one console. But, like with all other ports, is it worth your time?
3 years ago

Zombi (PlayStation 4) Review

Verdict: Ubisoft Montpellier is best known for the Rabbids games, Beyond Good and Evil , the Rayman series, and that one King Kong game that is generally thought to be one of the better movie tie-ins around.
3 years ago

Zombi Review – Empty Apocalypse (PS4)

Verdict: It's like Dead Island Lite!
3 years ago
PlayStation LifeStyle

Zombi review – U don't need a?GamePad

Pros: Excellently tense atmosphere that is strengthened by some unique features and the use of permanent deaths. Appropriately priced remake that works surprisingly well without a GamePad
Cons: The gunplay and melee combat are stodgy and unsatisfying. Puzzles are very repetitive. Generally weak graphics. No multiplayer mode
Verdict: One of the best survival horrors of recent years, that functions almost as well as the Wii U version and offers a mature-rated adventure that is as ruthlessly difficult as it is engrossing.
3 years ago


Verdict: It's hard to imagine a more dreary London than that of Ubisoft's Zombi (or ZombiU if you played it a while back on Wii U). Not quite fifty shades of grey makes up the colour palette and constant rain makes up a perfect backdrop to a post-apocalyptic tale of conspiracies and prophecies.
3 years ago

Zombi Review – Without The Wii U Gamepad, This Zombie Game Stands As Unremarkable

Verdict: It seems like ages ago I hunkered down to play Ubisoft's ZombiU on Nintendo's Wii U console. At the time, I was impressed with some of its innovations and how it utilized the Wii U's GamePad. All in all, it was a decent mature rated game for early Wii U adopters.
3 years ago

Zombi Review

Pros: Hugely atmospheric, Feels more natural with a standard controller, Still the same great game
Cons: No multiplayer element, No extra content, Graphical upgrade is barely noticeable
Verdict: With their tanks and their bombs.
3 years ago

Zombi: Shambles

Pros: A variety of fun melee weapons, Crunchy, bloody combat
Cons: Loss of the Wii U Game Pad, Repetitive combat, Buggy, 30fps port, Inventory items that cant be dropped
Verdict: Zombi is hardly a deluxe version of ZombiU, with numerous bugs and few graphical improvements. It's still a good survival game, but feels outdated and misses the Wii U Game Pad.
3 years ago

With an uninteresting world and dull combat, the survival horror game ZombiU is a weak link in the Wii U's launch lineup.

Pros: Fun multiplayer modes capitalize on game's strengths
Cons: Heavy emphasis on dull melee combat, Uninteresting puzzles and mission structure, Wii U gamepad adds little and hurts immersion
Verdict: The survival horror genre is a balancing act. The player needs to feel fear and helplessness, but also needs satisfying ways to take action and combat those feelings. This harmony is something even the genre greats struggle with, but that hasn't stopped the first-person survival horror game ZombiU,...
6 years ago


Verdict: Ubisoft, when you ported this over from the Wii, you forgot to bring the ammo with it, and so it would be nice to play with the guns, but it's always over too quickly. Nice game though, showing it's age a bit, but that isn't bad in this case.
1 year ago
Game Seek

dont buy.

Verdict: Poor game. Really boring
2 years ago

Glitch City!!

Verdict: Plagued by horendous 'gamebreaking' glitches (and countless less harmful but still annoying glitches) which Ubisoft have failed to fix in the 3yrs the game's been out. Real shame as it would have otherwise been decent.
2 years ago
Verdict: i love the survival the survival elements of this game! Not the best graphics but one thing is for sure this game is very hard! On my first playthrough in the end i couldnt finish it because i couldnt use c4 and i had to start the campain all over.
2 years ago

zombie ps4

Verdict: Budget game but surprised how good worth a punt if you like shoot them ups with a differance
3 years ago

"Another great zombie game!!"

Verdict: Looks to be a great zombie game at a even greater price!! This is for the zombie lovers who can't get enough. I can't wait!!
3 years ago
Mighty Ape

Awesome slow paced zombie experience.

Verdict: For me, this is very close to the zombie game I've been waiting for, for a long time. It's a slower paced game that lets you be smart about the way you want to explore an infested city, and I love that.
3 years ago
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