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Have you ever used a "self-checkout" at a market or store? If so, it is likely that you put a Zebex product to work as you did so. This is because the company is a world leader in scanning products and terminals. From the hands-free scanners used by a diversity of industries to the fixed terminals in use in retail settings, this brand is among the most trusted and innovative.

In fact, the company's products appear on all continents and are put to use in nearly every industry.

A Brief History

In the late 1980s it became obvious to those involved in technology that mobility was going to become a major facet within many industries. This meant that portable hardware and the software and systems key to implementation were a must. This led many different industries to develop and among them were scanners.

After all, if you recall that industries such as delivery services (UPS, Fedex, etc.) began to use portable devices at that time, as did groups as massive as FEMA. Production facilities began to go computerized, and this necessitated scanning of barcodes and so on. So, a very forward thinking firm developed in Taiwan. Known as Zebex, it was started in 1987, and it quickly dedicated itself to becoming the leading scanner and Auto-ID manufacturer in the industry.

The company's dedication to research and development led it in all of the right directions, and within a decade of its founding it received the coveted ISO 9001 certification for quality. Today, it remains at the top of one of the most competitive industries, and offers some of the most advanced solutions.

It does not outsource production, and based in Taiwan it manages to use strictly in-house manufacturing operations. This guarantees clients consistent quality and production standards and allows the best possible pricing in the industry as well.

The Products of Zebex

When you hear the term "scanning", you may envision flatbed scanners. However, Zebex specializes in handheld computers, omnidirectional scanners, and more. Their current list of products features:

Mobility Products - This range includes their fixed computers that are often used in retail and marketing. They can be matched up with a POS unit, but are also becoming popular for multimedia displays at kiosks as well as for price verification. Zebex labels these fixed computers as capable of "making things happen". This range also features many handheld computers that can use Android software or proprietary programs. They are ideal for inventory, tracking, healthcare and more. There are also data collectors in this range, and they are customizable to any industry.

Scanning Products - This range is extensive and includes their in-counter scanners familiar to retail settings but also ideal for industrial purposes. There are also hands-free scanners that work at POS, warehouses, and other settings. Handheld scanners feature in this range and are some of the most diverse products in the firm's lineup. The scanning product range includes scan modules, engines, and MSR devices too.

Zebex also offers OEM/ODM expertise in order to create entirely customized solutions for any industry or need.

The superior quality of the company's products is the direct result from their extensive research and development initiatives in their Taiwanese headquarters, as well as in their facility in China. This dedication to cutting edge tech and customer need has resulted in Zebex receiving many coveted industrial awards. They received a 2010 red dot prize, as well as a Taiwan Excellence award. They are frequently featured at industry shows and are known for offering some of the most flexible and comprehensive solutions to scanning and Auto-ID needs.

Customers as Partners

In addition to providing good solutions and conducting top of the line research, Zebex is also favored in the industry due to its outlook on its customers. Zebex views its customers as partners in a business relationship, and to ensure that clients get the best results, the company trains sales staff as sales engineers and technical teams prepared to solve any customer's needs or problems with Zebex solutions. Striving for the best customer support and products to match their sterling reputation, Zebex is positioned to remain a leader in the scanning and Auto-ID industry and provide the kinds of solutions essential to countless industries around the globe.

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