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A small name for an enormous global company, ZTE (Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment) is major telecommunications equipment provider currently ranked as one of the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Of course, the company hasn't always focused on smartphones for consumers, and even today its range is much wider than this one market segment. The company's origins date back to 1985 when investors with ties to the Chinese Ministry of Aerospace decided to start the Zhongxing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Within only a few years, the company had shifted into telecommunications and altered its private business model.

As the Zhongxing New Telecommunication Equipment Co. it was state owned while remaining privately operated. From 1995 and onward the company continued to grow, and in 1997 it was able to have its first IPO or initial public offering on the Shenzen stock exchange. It repeated the IPO in Hong Kong, in 2004, and this allowed the company to go global.

Still focused on the telecommunications markets, by 2006 ZTE had garnered roughly 40% of the world's demand for "code division multiple access" or CDMA equipment and systems. This is specialized method of allowing transmitters to share a single channel, and is still a primary access method employed by mobile phone networks. Clearly, ZTE's investment in R&D after the Hong Kong stock exchange IPO paid off and the firm was able to take a serious lead in telecomm.

This high level of advancement drew the attention of major global networks, and in 2006, ZTE acquired Telus (the Canadian network) as a client while also aligning itself with the Wi-Fi Alliance. A year later other major global telecomm networks chose ZTE to supply their systems, and Vodafone, Telefonica, and Telstra all purchased from the company.

Going Global

By 2008, ZTE was truly a global entity with a presence in 140 countries. It began developing subsidiaries in 2005, and today they have:


* ZTE Australia Pty Ltd

* ZTE HK Ltd

* ZTE do Brasil Ltda.

* ZTE Pakistan Pvt Ltd

* ZTE Deutschland GmbH

Even with such an active business spread all across the planet, ZTE still dedicates approximately ten percent of annual income to R&D. This is illustrated by their 48k patent filings and the 13k of patents granted to the firm. Their R&D has yielded such radical returns that ZTE is recognized as winning the most patent approvals in the calendar years 2011 and 2012.

Their Business

The current product line from ZTE is a reflection of its commitment to telecommunications and is divided into several specific categories:

* Equipment for network providers/operators

* Equipment for those accessing networks

* Services and software

They have both consumer and business market segments, and the firm is the fourth largest mobile phone provider in the world. They currently produce tablets, Internet devices, and Enterprise products too, often ranking highly within each segment.

The company is also the hardware partner for the Windows Phone platform - indicating the superiority of their smartphone technologies.

ZTE is known for its Network Elements and produces a tremendous list of products ranging from WiMax products, core switches and routers, base stations, and much more.

A Thinking Company

In addition to being on the cutting edge where R&D are concerned, ZTE is also incredibly progressive with its Corporate and Social Responsibility or CSR. In 2012, Fortune magazine chose it as the second best among all Chinese companies for its CSR policies and programs.

Wherever the firm has a presence it also invests within the communities and organizations. Additionally, ZTE takes an active interest in truly greening up operations by going directly to employees. They initiate their staff to save water, recycle, cut electrical consumption, eat "green" and to refuse such things as plastic bags, one-use items, and more.

The company itself is committed to energy saving and consumption reduction and is consistent in its efforts to handle raw materials, waste, and production in the most eco-friendly manner possible. They have been recognized for their efforts and many of their "green products" have won industry awards and recognition.

With a global presence, some of the most progressive R&D policies, and a commitment to being at the top of the industry, ZTE is one of the world's leading providers of mobile, bearer, core network, wireless, VAS, fixed access, and energy & infrastructure telecommunications gear.

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