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Wetsuits Buying Guide

If you spend a lot of time in the water, especially open or colder water, a wetsuit will help you stay warm. Here are the big things to look out for before you take the plunge and buy one!

The Thick And The Thin Of It

Wetsuits are made from neoprene, which traps body heat and provides protection against cold water. The thicker the neoprene, the more insulating qualities the wetsuit will provide. When shopping around, consider the activity you'll be doing in your wetsuit, the water temperature you'll encounter, and even if you're the sort of person who usually feels the cold! You can choose the thickness of your wetsuit based on these factors.

Get the Right Fit

An ill-fitting wetsuit can greatly reduce its ability to insulate against cold water, and it can also reduce your mobility, another potentially dangerous thing in open water. Getting the fit exactly right is vital before you even think about buying one. Buying from an expert who knows what to look for during the fitting process will help you select a wetsuit that will keep you warm, and safe.

Getting Into It

Wetsuits are not the easiest things to get into, and they shouldn't be. The fit should be snug and exact, not loose and relaxed. To make it easier to put your suit on, and to take off, a back zipper suit is a good option:

The Advantages Of The Chest Zip

The alternative to the back zipper is the chest zip. While it might not be as easy to get into, a chest zip is considered to offer better warming qualities, and let less water into the suit through the neckline and seams.

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