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The Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded by George Westinghouse under the name Westinghouse Electric Company, began in 1886, making it one of the older technology companies that still operate in the United States. The company was very important when it came to bringing electricity to people all across the country.

Bringing Electricity to the Country and Innovating New Products

In the beginning, the company main focus was providing electricity to people. To do this, they had large factories in East Pittsburgh where they were creating turbines and coils for this express purpose. A number of influential engineers worked at the company in those early days, including William Stanley and Nikola Tesla. They were one of the biggest rivals of General Electric, founded by George Westinghouse rival Thomas Edison.

The company participated in a number of World Fairs with their products. In 1893, at the Chicago World Fair, they used 25,000 of their lights to illuminate the fair, giving the visitors who had never seen quite that much electricity and light in one place quite a thrill. The company has made quite a few innovations since their inception. Here are just some of the company creations down through their history.

Amazing Innovations from Westinghouse

In 1900, they created the first public utility stream generator in the United States, and in 1905, they created the first main line AC powered locomotive. Just four years later in 1909, they developed the first continuous filament tungsten light bulb. They made the first all electric kitchen range, the first factory built radio receivers for the home, and they made the first international short wave radio broadcast.

They created the first TV camera tube in 1928, the fastest elevators in the world in Rockefeller Center, and the first atom smasher. The engineers at Westinghouse created the first electric clothes dryer, the first temperature controlled portable grill in 1950, and their cameras were in use to capture and relay the moonwalk in 1969. They made the first 1080p LCD monitor, home generators, solar power systems, digital inverter generator, and more.

They've been developing excellent and truly amazing products for well over a hundred years, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. This innovation is an integral part of their brand and they know this. Research and development is just as important to them as manufacturing quality products and providing quality customer service.

Acquisitions Made by Westinghouse Over the Years

Westinghouse is still one of the most powerful and important companies in the world today, and they've made a number of different types of purchases over the years to stay that way. Some of the companies they've acquired over the years include Unimation, Knoll International Furniture, Norden, Infinity Broadcasting, American Radio Systems, and King World Productions.

In 1997, they renamed themselves CBS Corporation, which then created Westinghouse Licensing Corporation a year later. That same year, they sold themselves to Viacom and then split it into two companies. One of those companies used the name CBS Corporation, which they had initially used in ?7. They also have a spinoff company, Westinghouse Electric Company, which is actually a nuclear energy company that is very profitable.

It can be confusing to keep up with all of the changes that the company has gone through over the years, and even though that would normally send a mixed branding message with most businesses, that does not seem to be the case here. One of the reasons for this is likely that, because Westinghouse already had such a large and powerful brand in the United States and around the world, that brand changes did not affect it negatively.

What Does Westinghouse Offer Today?

The company today offers a range of different types of electronic products, including speakers, earphones and headphones, computer and tablet accessories, digital whiteboards, and televisions. They also make a large number of different products for the home, including small appliances, such as blenders, cooling units and heating units, microwaves, and portable fans. The company offers a wide range of different products in the realm of electronics for the home and for the office. When people see the Westinghouse name on an item, they've come to associate the brand with quality.

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