Western Digital My Passport SSD WDBK3E0010 1TB Reviews

Western Digital My Passport SSD WDBK3E0010 1TB
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Verdict: WD's My Passport SSD 1TB USB 3.1 portable drive goes under the spotlight today as we take a close look at its performance numbers.

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1 year ago
Tweak Town

WD My Passport SSD

Pros: The My Passport SSD is rugged, light and super compact. The drive uses USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C to deliver fast performance. It works with both Windows and MacOS right out of the box and features strong encryption to protect data in case of loss or theft
Cons: The drive's capacity caps at just 1TB. It's a fingerprint magnet
Verdict: The WD Passport SSD is arguably the best in the WD's popular My Passport family of portable drives. The drive is fast, rugged, versatile and features strong encryption as an option. The fact that it works with both Windows and MacOS right out of the box doesn't hurt, either.
1 year ago

Seemingly a Nice Drive

Verdict: Immediately out of the box, I was impressed with the small size of this drive for 1TB. I know that storage keeps getting smaller and cheaper, but this drive is impressively small. I actually bought two of them, one as a backup for a Mac laptop, and one as a backup for a Mac desktop.

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1 month ago

Hard Drive

Verdict: This works great to load videos on for my presentations. I don't have to use up space on my laptop, just hook up & move forward with my teaching.

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1 month ago

Trouble mounting for the first time

Verdict: When I got this I was so shocked at how small and light this little device is that I had to vlog about it. I found the packaging to be oddly light and when I opened the box I realised it was pretty much lost inside how small it was.

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4 months ago

Insanely fast!

Verdict: I love this little screamer! I easily clock 200 MB/SEC+ with this drive. I use it mostly for Lightroom RAW processing. Two minor gripes: it's surface finish is such that it shows lots of fingerprints, kind of annoying, and I wish it came with a USB-C to USB cable.

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5 months ago
B&H Photo

WD My Passport SSD 1TB Portable Storage

Verdict: This is a super compact and fast external SSD. We use it between an iMac and several windows PCs. Never had any problems with it.

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6 months ago
PB Tech

Five Stars

Verdict: As expected

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9 months ago

Not a SSD

Verdict: It's not a SSD just a plain old rotating drive..
1 year ago
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