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Waste Disposals Buying Guide

Waste disposal units are a great way of reducing the amount of rubbish you send to landfill, as well as being incredibly convenient. Here are the key features to keep in mind if you're buying one.

Is Batch Best?

A batch type of waste disposal unit only operates when a cover is placed over the sink opening. This is a good safety feature, especially if there are children about.

The Convenience Of Continuous

The other type of waste disposal unit is a continuous one. These units do not require a cover over the sink opening to operate, so a flick of a switch will do. For this reason, many people believe continuous waste disposers are more convenient. 

Go For Grinding Power

While there is a variety of sizes to choose from, the larger the unit, the more powerful it is at grinding food scraps. So, while your situation might call for a smaller unit, it makes a lot of sense to buy a bigger, more powerful one. Of course, the amount of space under the sink will also dictate the size of the unit you can purchase.

Dispose Of The Noise

Even the most powerful units can be relatively quiet. Look for models that feature silencing technology and insulation to dampen down that grinding sound.

About Auto Reverse

Even the best waste disposal units are in danger of becoming jammed, usually because of over-enthusiastic over-stuffing by the owner! To reduce this problem, look for a unit with an auto-reverse feature that makes the motor rotate in the opposite direction to unjam the device.

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