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There are many brands that are considered the epitome of their particular industry. The Wahl brand is the most trusted name in hair clippers and professional grooming, and has been so since the early 1900s. With more than three thousand employees around the world today, the firm has grown substantially from its earliest days and yet has retained a dedication to innovation and customer service that helped to build its leading reputation.

The History of Wahl

It all began in 1911 when a young Leo Wahl began high school experiments with vibrating electromagnetic motors. As he made his way through high school and then into college, he turned his attention to engineering and started creating devices that used that same vibrating motor. With an initial success creating a facial massager for his uncle's firm, Wahl then began going around to barber shops to sell the devices. There he realized that barber's tools could be greatly enhanced through the use of technologies he was already familiar with.

The Mexican Revolution forced his uncle to head into service, and young Wahl was put in charge of the company. This allowed him to experiment with his concept for electric barber tools, and within a few years he had perfected his design. In 1919 he applied for a patent on his electromagnetic clipper and the company began producing them.

The design was innovative, as it allowed the user to hold the entire device rather than having clippers connected to a larger motor base unit. The convenience and superiority of the all in one design caused thousands of barbers to purchase them and the company really took off. Because they also dealt directly with barbers, they were able to really refine the design based on feedback.

With his patent approved, Wahl took over the family company and changed the name to Wahl Clipper Corp. The growth was explosive and the Wahl clippers became a grooming industry standard.

Over the next decades they continued to experiment and expand. The company enhanced its manufacturing abilities and was soon able to make almost every component of their clipper devices "in-house". This allowed them to begin designing and offering other products specific to barbers and hair dressers. During the 40s, they created hair dryers, shears, curling brushes, shear sharpeners, combs, and clipper attachments of all kinds.

By the ‘50s, they were able to expand to the international market and created a network of agents around the globe. However, Leo Wahl died in 1957 after having filed for more than 100 unique patents. This did not stop the innovation and the 60s saw the firm release a flexible blade electric razor (the first of its kind). After that they created the first "vac clipper" that eliminated the need for smocks during haircuts. A year later they created their first animal clipper, then came cordless and rechargeable designs, and even a move into soldering irons.

During the ‘70s they began making massagers as well as nose and brow trimmers (also an entirely new product in the industry). This led to the creation of the world's first facial hair trimmer (battery operated), and also to the ZeeCurl curling iron. New product introductions proceeded at this same exhaustive pace well into the 2000s.

Their Product Line Today

Organized by divisions, modern Wahl product lines include:

  • Animal - Products in this group are designed for pet owners as well as professional groomers, vets, and farmers. Clippers and trimmers are available as well as a range of brushes, combs, shampoos and grooming supplies.
  • Wahl Professional - This is the full range of professional tools based on over 90 years of design and innovation. Chosen by barbers and cosmetologists around the globe, they are viewed as the premium and preferred brand.
  • Wahl Home - The personal care products are made for the consumer market and include hair clippers and trimmers, massagers, and tools meant to help with hair styling and everyday grooming.
  • Wahl International - This is less a line of products than a group of brands offering the Wahl products to the professional and personal consumer markets. With a presence in 165 countries, it proves that the brand is a global name to trust.

For almost 100 years, Wahl has been the leading name in clipper and trimmer innovation, and is still considered the top brand for its quality and ease of use.


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