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Voice Assistants Buying Guide

We all need a little help now and then, and a voice assistant is a high-tech way of getting a helping hand. These are the main features to look for when choosing your voice assistant.

How Helpful Is Your Assistant?

When searching for a voice assistant, it pays to check how much assistance it will actually provide! Devices that can’t answer the questions you'll ask most often e.g. travel information, weather forecasts, language translations, are not really helpful at all. A good way to choose the best voice assistant is to not just ask what it can do. Also, ask what it can't do as well, and see how these limitations fit in with your expectations.

Search And You Shall Find

Why is Google Home so popular as a voice assistant device? One of the main reasons is that its search capabilities are powered by the formidable Google search engine. This gives this particular brand of voice assistant a big edge when performing one of the most fundamental tasks associated with this sort of technology. No matter what brand you choose, this search ability is crucial.    

It Should Be a Good Listener

Look for a voice assistant with renowned voice recognition capabilities, such as being able to hear you from a distance as well as being able to recognise more than one voice, so it can be used by all the family. Voice recognition technology does vary among voice assistants and as it is such an important feature of this type of device, it’s one of the big things to check when you're considering your options.

Smart Enough To Work With Smart Products

Your voice assistant should be able to control a wide range of smart products, including lighting, nest thermostats, or video doorbells. Be sure to check out how smart your assistant really is when it comes to controlling devices like these, because the more brands it works in with, the greater choice you'll have when investing in new smart technology in your home.   

When You're Ready To Rock

One of the biggest features of a voice assistant should be its ability to play a requested song through your sound system. This connectivity between assistant and system should be fast and reliable, with the ability to cast to your TV as well and control things like Netflix or YouTube. In short, your voice assistant should double as an entertainment hub.  

A Crystal Clear Speaker

Voice assistants are also known as smart speakers, and the speaker function is vital in hearing the information you require clearly. When its music you want to hear, check your assistant/smart speaker actually delivers a rich and satisfying sound.   

It Should Look As Good It Sounds

As your voice assistant will become an integral part of your home, the way it blends in with your decor is another feature to consider. Look for an assistant that not only looks good but can be modified in appearance to match your home.

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