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Though the late Vidal Sassoon was an icon in the world of hair and fashion, his name still translates to premium hair care and style.

When he passed away in 2012 at the age of 84, Vidal Sassoon had been a famous hairdresser and maker of premium hair care products for many decades.

In fact, one of the world"s most famous commercials from the 1980s was for his line of shampoos and conditioners. The tagline, "If you don"t look good, we don"t," was one of the most famous of its time, and it helped to cement Sassoon as the name closely related to the finest hair care available.


A Man and a Label

A veteran of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Sassoon operated out of a salon in London up until 1965. At that time he was discovered by a powerful cosmetics and advertising executive who helped him to open his first salon in New York City.

It was at this time that Sassoon became "the" name in stylish hair and was considered a celebrity in his own right. The famous "bob" and the "pixie" cut, which made Mia Farrow someone emulated by women around the world, were both the work of Sassoon.

He was able to use the natural properties of human hair along with artful cutting techniques to ensure that each style brought out the maximum shine and the best looks. Getting a seat in his salon, and in his chair specifically, became difficult for all but the most exclusive.

Within five years, the Vidal Sassoon company was a huge success and Sassoon was able to step away from the stylists chair and focus on the creation of his brand of hair care products and the opening of hairdressing schools.

It is rumored that he was inspired by a former roommate, the famous film actor Michael Caine, to create the shampoo and conditioner that would make Vidal Sassoon a household name in many parts of the world. Whether this was true or not, in 1980 the company launched its line of products.

It was such a hit that, within three years" time, a major umbrella organization had stepped in and purchased almost all of the Vidal Sassoon lines in one swoop. This included the hair care products as well as the hairdressing school.

The brand changed hands again and was acquired by global giant Procter & Gamble in 1984, and Vidal Sassoon himself eventually severed his connections to the brand in all ways.

Sassoon Today

Though Sassoon is no longer contributing to the brand that bears his name, the mission of the modern Sassoon brand is still in line with his ideals. The company insists that good hair design depends on the individual - their style, their features, and their unique hair.

This is why the company features a line of salons, a Sassoon Academy, and a vast array of products. The product line is designed on two tiers - professional products and consumer goods.

The consumer line includes hair care, finishing products, and more. The professional line incorporates a huge array of styling products as well as specialty treatments.

Essentially, the range of actual products is similar between the consumer and professional. There are the specific shampoos and conditioners, repair products, and hydrating formulas. The finishing products are put to use in the salon chairs, as well as being available for clients to take home. They include control and shine products, cut enhancing formulas, and "wet to dry" products ideal for salon quality styling.

The Sassoon brand also partners with independent salons that are willing to commit to the same guiding principles as the company itself. They work in the UK and the US, and the products are available only through authorized partners and salons.

For many decades the name Vidal Sassoon has meant high quality hair care and professional results. Whether clients get their hair styled at a salon or at one of the open days at a Sassoon Academy, and whether the products are applied by a professional or at home - the reputation speaks for itself. Sassoon is a premium name that can be trusted to create your best look.

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