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Do you know what the word "verbatim" means? It comes from the Latin and means "word for word". That is why you cannot take something and use it verbatim and then claim it as your own. This would be known as plagiarism. However, when you are saving or recording data, you most definitely want it to be word for word. This is why the company known as Verbatim chose its unforgettable name.

Specializing in memory products, the firm has a surprisingly long history despite the fact that its current emphasis is so contemporary. It began in 1969 as the Information Terminals Corporation. At that time, the founder of the firm, Reid Anderson was a leader in the magnetic tape industry. He started his firm in the hopes of profiting off of the quickly emerging computer markets.

It was his knowledge of the industry in general that paid off as he quickly realized that magnetic tapes were falling behind the demand for 8" floppy disks.

So, within only a few years of its founding, the company had re-directed its efforts and was already making a name for itself in the emerging floppy disk industry. Recording, storing, and making easy ways to retrieve computerized data are things we take for granted today, but in the early 1970s it was seriously high tech stuff.

Not surprisingly, one of Verbatim's first partnerships was with IBM, for whom the newly renamed company began to make floppy disks.

Things moved forward rapidly in the industry, and the firm's licensing arrangement with IBM paid off massively. Soon, they were at the top of the industry and selling newly created 5.25" disks as well.

By 1979, Verbatim had gone public and reached sales of more than $35 million.

Though the company did have a bit of a bumpy ride as technologies changed and competition increased, a re-commitment to exploring the latest technologies allowed them to again recognize opportunities and grow their business. By the middle of the 1980s, Verbatim was truly the largest supplier of disks in the world with facilities in Japan, Ireland, the US, and Australia.

The pace of the markets, however, drew the attention of other global giants eager to participate in the floppy disk industry without dedicating the time or effort at the research and development. This is why the Eastman Kodak Company acquired Verbatim in 1985, but within five years, the firm again changed hands and was taken over by Mitsubishi Kasei - another major player in the industry.

Merged with the Carlisle Memory Products firm under the Mitsubishi umbrella, Verbatim was able to re-focus on the creation of innovative products. This has led to it earning a reputation as progressive, forward thinking and problem solving.

Today, Verbatim's reputation is for the highest quality manufacturing practices, the latest and best technologies, and superior customer service.

The Verbatim Products

Though the era of the floppy disks has come and gone, Verbatim has transitioned through the rapid-fire changes in computer and mobile technologies. Today, their product lineup is divided into several categories:

Hard Drives - This range includes both portable and desktop models.

USB Drives - Professional level and consumer level devices are offered through this line of products.

Blu-ray, DVD & CD - This range covers blank disks to be used as DVDs, Blu-ray, CD, and also professional optical, and LightScribe disks.

Memory Cards - Obviously one of the largest markets possible, this range covers SDHC, premium SD, SD, PRO SDHC, SDXC, Micro SDHC, compact Flash, and premium compact Flash cards.

Accessories - Because memory needs are so diverse, Verbatim has created a long list of accessories meant to support memory and devices that require memory. Currently, this range features chargers, cases, mice, wireless streaming gear, keyboards, card readers, and more.

The Environment and Verbatim

With that long list of products, Verbatim might easily create environmental hazards or risks during production, distribution, and even recycling. However, they have made a solid commitment to environmental initiatives that are helping to decrease the impact of their industry.

They follow a "less means more" program model that cuts down on the use of packaging and decreases consumption of raw materials by almost 12% annually. This translates to the elimination of tons of plastic, paper, oil, and gas.

Forward thinking, responsiveness to changes and trends, and efficiency in design and distribution are hallmarks of Verbatim. They are a leader in their industry, and are positioned to remain so in the decades to come.

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