Verbatim USB 2.0 Store N Go Micro+ 16GB Reviews

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Manufacturer: Verbatim
User Reviews: 

Review of the Koi design, fast read/write, compact, unattached cap

Verdict: Lightweight, compact, handy keyring attachment. Fast read/write. Comes with the FAT32 file system installed and 14.9 Gigs free. Haven't had it long enough to know if it will last long term, but will update the review if it suffers early failure.
4 years ago

Good Product, does exactly what it should

Verdict: Its compact and has a protective caseing which is sturdy. Perfect size to attach to your key ring.
6 years ago

Bootleg or a poor product, please read

Verdict: I own a 4GB version of this product line and am very satisfied with it. The reason I decided to write a review on this one is because I can compare them side by side and see a difference in quality. I say it could be a fake Verbatim Flash Drive is for the following reasons: 1.
Pros: Space and a key chain lip
Cons: No LED light, USB does not fully enter the port, the latch that keeps the male usb port from retracting does not hold very well at all
7 years ago

Useful but size does matter

Verdict: It works like a charm on OTG enabled mobile phones, but there is a lacunae to this - the size is like a normal pendrive which becomes a bottleneck while using on the mobile phone. Overall a good product with USB 3.0 (guess only one with this for now).
Pros: Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use, Fast, Portable
5 years ago

16GB review

Verdict: The 16GB flash drive was actually 14.9 when I received it, so a little under representation as sold. The flash drive installed quickly on my hard drive and was in use within 30 seconds.
Pros: Fast, Reliable Performance
7 years ago

Super fast flash card

Verdict: I have been looking for a new flash card at a good price and I finally found one at a great price. This is the only format that will work with my 35MM digital camera and the speed of the verbatim 16GB compact flash card is really perfect for the camera.
4 years ago
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