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Uniden is a wireless communication company formed in Japan in 1966 by Hideo Fujimoto. The brand caught on quickly and took off faster than many other companies of the era did, having really established themselves by the 1970s.

The History of Uniden

In the 1970s, the company was making and marketing CB radios. During the 1970s, these devices were quite popular and romanticized thanks to their use in movies and television. They were both useful and fun items, and they were particularly popular in the United States. Uniden was behind many of these CBs of the time, and the sold them under their own name, as well as under two other private brand labels. These private labels, Cobra and Realistic, were very popular.

They continued to grow and they stayed in a similar field. In the 1980s, they became the biggest manufacturer in the world for cordless telephones. At that time, they were also making and selling quite a few other types of products, including television satellite equipment, mobile radios, high quality marine electronics, and scanners. The radio scanners they were putting out were under a different brand name called Bearcat. This was a very popular line of products. The company grew in popularity around the world at this time. In Europe, they were particularly successful in telecommunications, thanks to their 900MHZ cordless phones.

The company kept on growing and they started to create multinational bases of operation around the world. In 1989, they created Uniden Australia and Uniden New Zealand. This helped them to gain a hold in those markets, and they continue to do quite well around the world.

What Do They Sell Today?

Uniden is selling quite a few different types of products today. Even though cell phone popularity is high, many people still have home phones. The company makes a range of different digital cordless phones. Some of their best selling options include SCR, WDECT, and DSS.

The company is also making a huge range of different types of consumer electronics. While CB radios might not have the same allure that they did back in the 1970s, they are actually still quite popular with some people. Uniden still makes a number of different models of CB under their name and the Bearcat brand. They make scanners, two-way radios, video surveillance equipment, baby monitors, GPS products and more.

They recently announced that they would be moving into some other areas of electronics as well. They will be getting into the business of offering Bluetooth car kits, for example. They are offering a number of different types of accessories as well, including ear buds, headphones and headsets, speakers, adapters, and much more.

They are venturing into a variety of different product realms, but you can see that ultimately, they are all falling under the telecommunications banner, or at least very close to it.

Uniden has a number of different brands, and they have their products sold under many other brand names. For example, cordless phones from Radio Shack that bear their brand name are often Uniden products. In fact, many of the different cordless phones in the world, even though they might have a different brand name, are actually Uniden phones.

Uniden Grows in Many Areas

The real strength of the company lies in several areas. First, they are prolific in the field of research and development, continually coming up with new ideas and products. It has been this way with the company since the beginning. They also work hard on the manufacturing and marketing sides of the business, helping to get their brand, and the other brands they work with, into the marketplace.

They are one of the most successful electronics companies in the business today, and they make millions of products each month. They are very popular in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United States, but they have a good hold in many markets around the world. They have production sites in a number of different areas of the world, and one of their newest is actually going to be in Vietnam.

The brand has and continues to maintain a great reputation, thanks to the quality of the products they offer, as well as their massive global reach.

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