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Tents Buying Guide

Whether you're camping in the backyard, or in the Great Outdoors, you want a tent that will protect you from the elements. Here's what should be on your checklist when buying a tent.

Over-Accommodate If You Can

If two of you are camping...don't buy a two-person tent! Buy a three or four-person tent! If four are camping, look for a five or six-person tent...and so on and so on. This gives you extra space for your belongings, and more space and comfort for the campers as well.

Easy Camping

Some modern designs make it easy to put a tent up, and just as easy to take it down. To be a happy camper, and not a frustrated one, look for tents that make setting up a simple process. Pegs that are strong enough to hammer into hard ground, and ropes that are easily adjustable also make a big difference.

Be Protected From The Elements

Good quality tents will cost a little more but they will give you more protection than cheaper tents which are not as water-resistant in wet weather, or as well-ventilated in hot weather. While buying your tent, consider where you'll use it most often. In a hot climate, look for a tent with netted windows that lets in a cooling breeze, and if you're going somewhere rainy, buy the most water-resistant tent you can. 

Small Things Make A Big Difference

If your budget allows, buy a tent with as many features as possible. For example, internal pockets for storage, a door that can double as an awning, a sunroof for extra light, and even a hook for a lantern can make camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

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