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Anyone born before the 1980s will know all about the use of tapes as sound recordings. In fact, many people from this time will know about reel-to-reel recordings, as well as turntables and amplifiers. Because of this, they will probably recall the brand name TEAC appearing on the different devices they used to listen to records, tapes, and CDs.

The brand, TEAC, still exists and is considered to be a premier and high- end manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics - particularly audio equipment and information equipment. In fact, it is still an industry leader in all data recording solutions.

Founded in the 1950s, the firm was originally named Tokyo Television Acoustic Company. At the outset, one of the firm's top employees, Katsuma Tani, had already garnered a reputation for making top quality audio equipment. However, three years into the company's existence, the successful aeronautics engineer was at home when his brother brought in a homemade tape recorder. This model used three heads and three motors, and the pair quickly became sure that they could work together to design something a bit better.

Out of this would come the Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Company, and it would soon merge with the Tokyo Television Acoustic Company to become TEAC.

From that first reel-to-reel recorder, TEAC would create an innovative R&D team that was able to provide some of the finest equipment possible to the music industry, as well as to the computer industry. In 1978, the firm offered the world's first 5.25" floppy disc drive, it launched its first 3.5" disk as early as 1983, and was already creating small format hard drives in the late 1980s. It would offer one of the first 4x speed CD ROM drives and debut a hard disc recording system before the year 2000.

Today's TEAC

A lot of technological advancements have occurred since the company's earliest years and TEAC has split up into specialized divisions to enable adequate research and development in these segments. They include:

TASCAM - This includes the Aerospace Technologies as well as the Pro Audio products. TASCAM was created in the 1970s in order to create music industry equipment, and today it is still the benchmark for recording quality sound at the professional level.

ESOTERIC - This division is roughly 21 years in age and is responsible for creating top of the line video and audio components for the consumer market.

Consumer Electronics - Among the largest divisions in the TEAC company, it is responsible for the creation of a broad spectrum of components that meet the need for home theaters, high-fidelity audio, and more. This division also includes their industrial products division that offers data recorders, data storage, medical video gear, disc publishing, in-flight entertainment equipment and more.

Data - Since TEAC is viewed as a leader in the data storage industry, this segment includes DVD recorders, CD drives of all kinds, USB flash drives, and more.

Their product lineup is still quite expansive and their recording technologies are made available to consumers and businesses. It has many subsidiaries around the world and operates in 13 countries: US, UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, China, Taiwan, and Italy. It is a publicly held company that appears on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and it employs over 1,200 people globally.

They purchased NemeSys and Gigasampler in 2001, partnered with IBM in the early 1960s and were in talks with Pioneer to create optical drives during the early 2000s. These acquisitions and partnerships are in line with the TEAC mission to develop, make, and distribute innovative and advanced recording devices that are of immediate benefit to customers. However, the company also emphasizes that a respect for creativity and honesty must dominate their corporate culture. This has allowed them to recognize where to direct efforts and how best to serve such a diverse and broad market as the recording industry.

Continuing to innovate as time and market needs change is how TEAC got started and grew so substantially. Though cloud technologies, alternative audio devices, and shifts in equipment have forced entire industries to falter, TEAC remains at the top of its game. It understands its many clients and responds to their needs by producing the high quality products essential to their success.

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