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It can be impossible to imagine that a firm that started only in 1996 can have already broken the $1 billion mark, but TP-Link managed to do that a few years ago. The world's largest "SOHO" (Small Office and Home Office) networking equipment supplier, it has the rise of the Internet and the need for WiFi and networking to blame for its enormous success.

The History

Naturally, it took the forward thinking and dedication of the company's founders to build its success. It began with a network card that brothers Cliff Chao and Jeffrey Chao created in 1996. They decided to build a company around this essential technology, and within the next decade they had succeeded and were soon expanding into other areas.

Though there are many global players in the computer networking device industry, their focus on the SOHO ensured they would succeed. From creating the first Ethernet switch in the late 1990s to its award winning product design on portable wireless routers in 2013, they have continued to explore the needs of the market and innovate to supply workable solutions. With leading competitors like Belkin and Linksys, it would seem that TP-Link is forward thinking and adaptable.

One way in which many industry experts and fans of the firm feel they out-perform the others in the field is to handle their own production and manufacturing. Everything made is done so "in house" in the company's different manufacturing facilities. Rather than outsourcing as so many other firms are content to do, the TP-Link approach has always been to maintain superior quality control by handling the supply chain and manufacturing on its own.

This also allows them to rapidly disseminate new technologies into their production lines. And a short list of their top product series proves how advanced they are for a firm that focuses purely on small business and home offices.

Product Series

Today, they have more than just a single switch or solution. According to the firm's website, their list of products includes:

  • Wireless devices - Mostly wireless networking gear, they are known for their "Archer" line of routers that uses the all new 802.11ac standard.
  • Portable routers - Travel routers are clearly something of advantage to small businesses, and so the firm has specialized in making such tech easily portable and also markets it to those who travel or will share a single connection while away from home.
  • 3G/4G routers to meet the demands of smartphone technology.
  • Switches - Still marketing their own brand of smart switches and innovating new designs and functions, they have enjoyed success with their JetStream brand.
  • Routers - Known for their Virtual Private Network routers (the SafeStream brand), they also have developed a range of broadband routers, as well.
  • Powerline - Another aspect of their mobility solutions, these adapter kits help with meeting network standards.
  • IP cameras
  • Print servers
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Adapters and 56k modems
  • Accessories

It is impossible to track their best products, as the company is consistently receiving awards and honors for their design. In 2015 alone, they have been honored more than a dozen times. Additionally, since 2013 the company has also taken the lead globally where shipments of LAN products are concerned.

Core Values Matter

In line with their policies of in house production, TP-Link has also demonstrated its ability to consistently stand by its established core values. Citing that clients come first, the company has remained firmly dedicated to making customers’ lives easier through the products offered. This has also guided them in the partnerships formed, and a commitment only to quality products.

The firm is also known for standing by its customer service policies and offering unprecedented support when needed, though their emphasis on quality production keeps customer service needs low. Saying that their "foundation is quality,” they do live up to this focus even as they strive to grow their industry. With a stated dedication to improving their product and market segments, the firm has consistently achieved excellence within their industry.

For those who are looking for small office and/or home office networking solutions, as well as some of the most secure and portable networking equipment, the TP-Link line is the best bet.

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19 Dec 2011
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