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Servers and data storage...these are two terms that most modern consumers understand, or mostly understand. However, the needs for servers and data storage have changed over time, and even the average consumer may not realize how much tech they need in their home or office.

This is the very reason that Synology was created in the year 2000. Started by two former Microsoft employees - Cheen Liao and Philip Wong - the company provides solutions for today's computer users. "Home users and businesses alike must find ways to harness the ever increasing data and to use it efficiently" and this is the primary goal of Synology. (Synology, 2014)

The firm meets its goals through three specific products, and each is associated with NAS or network attached storage. They are:

* Synology DiskStation Manager

* Synology DiskStation

* Synology RackStation

In other words, Synology provides the hardware and software necessary for anyone to easily and efficiently manage their data.

First Time in the Industry

It is helpful to understand precisely how innovative Synology's offerings are because they use almost every facet of modern technology. They use the cloud (in both its public and private styles). They use a web-based platform, and they use the NAS file server as more than just a glorified storage device.

It is truly revolutionary and requires a closer examination to understand the beauty of the product lineup.

What to Expect from Synology

Whether running products for a small business or as a home solution, it is going to begin with the DSM or the Synology DiskStation Manager. This is essentially an OS or operating system for the Synology hardware you need for your system (DiskStation or RackStation).

The software is what controls backup, file sharing, storage and virtual storage, streaming, and more. The software also has mobile applications that allow interaction with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and even Kindle devices.

Synology is proud of the software innovations it offers and boasts of the following unique features:

Synology Hybrid RAID - a storage and optimization tool

Synology High Availability - a feature that maintains function without any disruption to the operation of the system

Web installation - a web-based (disk free) installer that functions on computer and mobile devices

Web desktop - this is a multitasking tool that allows optimal control from a single administrative panel

Naturally, the hardware is also something that Synology has innovated. Reliability is a primary feature of their NAS tech, but the features unique to their DiskStation and RackStation hardware include:

Scalability - efficiency is guaranteed regardless of any scaling up

Smart energy management - the system can save up to 90% of power consumption thanks to rapid hibernation settings and instant resume

System continuity - this is accomplished with CPU passive cooling and system fan failover features

Airflow - this is enhanced and efficient in order to provide device stability, low noise, and reduced power consumption

Clearly, the gear and software have been designed for maximum compatibility and performance. These are in perfect alignment with Synology core values.

The 5S

Synology has several "pillars" that illustrate the company's core values. These values are revealed through their products and the features that they each offer. The pillars are:

Store - this pillar is all about the storage the company provides to owner. It must be efficient, unified, and accessible.

Sync - this is about the ability of the units and software to sync and update easily and to maintain in constant contact. This enables the use to remain in contact, as well.

Share - this is about the ability of the owner to maximize their resource utilization through an ability to consolidate services into a single location. The sharing is done through easy to use software and well designed components.

Secure - storage must be secure and so this pillar is part of the company's determination to give clients total security, as well as easily configured products that provide total "hands on" security, too.

Service - finally, the company sees optimal customer service as a primary pillar for success.

Synology is the product of two professionals looking to create an optimal NAS solution created by growing need. Their software and hardware are currently viewed as some of the best solutions possible.

Resources Synology Vision. 2014.

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