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Do it yourself surveillance...that is something that few homeowners or property owners might fear to do, but it is something that Swann has made possible since the 1980s. Not everyone can afford to hire a costly security service, and not many even want to go through the hassles of dealing with the process of having the home wired for security. However, Swann has made this one of the simplest things possible through their design, marketing, and production of a full array of surveillance and monitoring technology.

It began in Melbourne, Australia in 1987 when company founder David Swann started to piece together systems in the basement of his family home. This led to the creation of a vast array of high tech gear that uses the latest innovations to make "DIY" surveillance easy and simple.

What to Expect From Swann

Today, a visitor to official Swann website will find a long list of high quality products that will enable them to create optimized security for a home or property. Knowing that developing and installing such systems is complicated, the Swann company also makes videos and instruction guides readily available too.

Their current product lineup includes:

Security Cameras - Classic wired cameras that can feature an array of options such as night vision, sensors, protective domes, and much more.

Wireless IP Cameras - Impressive tech that uses IP or Internet Protocol, cloud storage, and WiFi to create an entirely wireless security system solution. These can feed directly to digital video recorders as well and allow for a truly professional service.

Alarm Doorbells - Never open the door to a stranger again with these full security doorbell systems.

Mini Video Equipment - Spy cameras of all kinds that can be carried with you or left easily hidden in plain sight. This includes things like "nanny" cams, but also pen cameras and more.

RC Toys - Remote control toys are just plain fun, and Swann offers them to demonstrate how effective wireless and integrated technologies can be to use for fun, as well as security.

DVRs & Kits

Any of the products or devices sold through Swann or their vast network of distributors are designed to include the very latest solutions. This is why the company recently introduced "SwannLink" as part of its offerings. This is an impressive "peer to peer" or P2P tech that allows owners to connect their security equipment to software on a tablet, Smartphone, or even the Internet. This mean that anyone with the system could monitor their home or property from almost anywhere, and without the need for costly monthly services from a traditional security company.

Of course, Swann knows that not everyone is comfortable or confident enough to tackle the installation of the cameras and other devices around their home or property. To remedy this solution they have partnered with InstallerNet to ensure that owners can work with a trained and certified professional who will install everything properly and even take the time to help the owner understand how to operate each part of the system.

Customer Service is Key

Swann also understands that even the most dedicated DIY person may end up needing a bit of help or customer support. Because of that they provide 24- hour, seven day per week, customer service. Whether you purchase the gear directly or through a distributor, Swann's customer service is available.

The company has partnered up with some of the biggest retailers in the world through which their products are available, but they still take the hands on approach to customer service. Buyers can find systems and components at RadioShak, Costco, BestBuy, Walmart, Maplin, Dick Smith, and many more. However, customer service directly from Swann's is a phone call away.

The need for surveillance, monitoring and security is no joke. It can be fun to research, install, and use a system you have tackled on your own, but you still need to use the very best equipment possible. Swann's has worked hard to be a major resource for anyone in need of affordable, high tech, and easy to use gear of this kind. They have earned a strong reputation because of this, and should be a go to resource when you need solutions in your home or office.

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