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Sonos Play 5 review: Smart, sophisticated, superb

Verdict: Sonos is far from a new player in the multi-room speaker sector. It's been playing the game and playing it well for the last decade. However, multi-room is a very different market now to when Sonos first appeared - competition has increased significantly and, as streaming music is now the norm, lots...
Pros: Beautiful design, excellent sound quality, solid build, great dynamic range, impressive wireless mesh network, touch controls
Cons: No hi-resolution audio support, slightly bass heavy, a little expensive for what's essentially a plastic speaker
3 years ago

Sonos Play:5 review (2015)

Verdict: Find out why the new Sonos Play:5 is one of the best wireless speakers around in our full review.
3 years ago

Sonos Play:5

Verdict: For $500, the Play:5 isn't cheap, but it doesn't sound, look, or behave like a cheap system. Sonically, the Play:5 is a winner, and from a multi-room home audio standpoint, Sonos still leads the pack. That makes it our Editors' Choice.
Pros: Powerful audio performance with seriously deep bass and accurate highs. Easy setup. Expandable to multiple rooms. Can be used as part of a stereo pair
Cons: Pricey. No Bluetooth
3 years ago

Sonos Play: 5

Verdict: In the last few years Sonos has been steadily adding wireless speakers to its multiroom audio lineup , but its flagship tabletop speaker, the Play:5 hasn't changed in six years. Until now, that is. This is the new Play:5 (2015), and it's a bigger, sleeker, and significantly better-sounding speaker.
Pros: The second-generation Sonos Play:5 is a sleek, well-designed Wi-Fi speaker that delivers rich sound for its size and strong bass. It offers the full Sonos wireless experience, controllable from iPhone, iPad and Android apps, with compatibility with nearly every key music service, including Pandora,...
Cons: Rather expensive, especially if you want to buy a second one for stereo sound
3 years ago

Sonos PLAY:5 Review

Verdict: Despite a seemingly endless parade of new products and services entering the wireless home music arena, friends and family members who come to me in search of buying advice continue to get one recommendation more than any other: Sonos .
Pros: Phenomenal sound quality, Apparent attention to detail and superb build quality, Line input allows playback from any device, Super simple app and user interface, TruePlay works
Cons: The sound quality has increased, but so has the price (from $399 to $499, TruePlay isn't available for Android. Yet, More color options would be nice
3 years ago

Sonos Play:5: Sound Centerpiece

Verdict: Who needs a stereo With great sound and an easy-to-use app, the Sonos Play:5 makes a strong case for being the center of your home audio universe.
Pros: Well-balanced bass and treble, Room-filling sound, Supports multiroom audio through additional Sonos speakers, Works with most streaming services
Cons: No Bluetooth, Proprietary system - can only use with other Sonos speakers
3 years ago

Sonos Play:5 review

Verdict: The Play:5's simplicity and superb sound make this an ideal one-box network player It's worth remembering that Sonos's wireless mesh technology results in fine wireless range and impressive robustness and speed.
Pros: Dynamic, room-filling sound from a compact all-in-one, good bass depth and weight, solid build, impressive wireless network and features
Cons: If this is your first ZonePlayer you'll need to wire it to your router or buy a £79 ZoneBridge, expensive standalone controller
9 years ago

Great service

Verdict: Great service
2 years ago

A smooth operater

Verdict: B&O headphones are very comfortable to wear. They deliver sound beautifuuly into my brain.
2 years ago

Excellent Service And A Product Beyond Belief

Verdict: I bought this for my son's birthday and I must say I am blown away by the quality of sound. I watched my son set this up and couldn't believe how simple it was. He played my favorite song as a test and I discovered nuances I had never noticed before.
8 months ago

Loving the sound

Verdict: I'm not an expert but I know clear and good sound when I hear it. The Trueplay is brilliant, you can place your Play:5 wherever you want and get the same quality of sound in each corner of the room. Not going to lie..
2 years ago
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