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Simpson is an appliance manufacturer with a long and somewhat fractured history. Today, although there is a company that still goes by the name Simpson, the structure of the business is different from what they founded more than a hundred years ago.

Originally established in 1909 in Australia, they were a staple of white goods in the Australian market. They merged with Pope Industries Ltd. in 1963, and they then became Simpson Pope Holdings Limited. The company Simpson merged with, Pope, had been around since 1925 when they started at Popes Sprinkler and Irrigation Company. By the end of World War II Popes had also started making washing machines and air conditioners. Even after they merged with Simpson they did not change their name to Simpson Holdings Limited in 1979. At that time, they became a public company.

In 1986, the company merged with Email Limited. The large industrial corporation specialized in electric meters, metals distribution, and refrigeration. They were a part of this conglomerate for thirteen years. In 1999, Email Limited was taken over and was broken up into different parts. A company called Electrolux bought the appliance portion of the business, of which Simpson was a major part. Electrolux still owns them and operates them as a subsidiary today.

Electrolux is actually a Swedish multinational with headquarters located in Stockholm. They have a great name and reputation in the business of appliance manufacturing, being the second largest maker of appliances in the world. Only Whirlpool is larger. The company owns a large number of different brands in addition to Simpson, including Castor, Chef, King, Frigidaire, and Westinghouse.

They are responsible for a wide variety of different types of appliances and products from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more. It was a smart move for the company to take over the appliance sector of Email Limited and to purchase Simpson, as they already had a nice hold in the Australian market. This furthered Electrolux dominance around the world by allowing them to work with a brand that already had a good name in Australia.

What Does the Company Sell Today?

Today, Electrolux still uses the Simpson name on a number of their affordable washers and dryers. Typically, you will find the brand on the budget-priced options from the parent company Electrolux. Even though they might be budget washers and dryers, it does not detract from the quality. They still have a reputation in the field as being reliable. The company has a strong focus and only sells washers, driers, and their accessories.

The company offers dryers in a number of different sizes. The 39P400M dryer has a 4kg rotary control painted enamel drum, along with a front loading door and directional vent grill on the front. The 39S500M dryer features a 5kg stainless steel rotary control drum. It also features a front loading door and a directional front vent grill. The largest in their line offers a 6kg stainless steel rotary control drum. Like the others in the line, it has a directional front grill and large loading door.

The washers offered from the brand have even more variety in terms of size with their EZI machines. They offer sensor top and set top load washers in 5.5kg, 7.5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 8.5kg, and 9.5kg options for their customers.

In addition to the washers and dryers, they also sell a range of different accessories to go along with them including venting kits, stands, and trays for stacking vented clothes dryers on top of the front load washers.

Where Does the Brand Stand?

Does the brand have as much power as it did in the past? While it is not a solo company today, people do still know and trust the brand, and they are able to sell a good number of washers and dryers each year. They are a quality brand and subsidiary that makes quality products for sale to the Australian market, so it is no wonder that they can still sell well. Additionally, the Pope brand, which Electrolux acquired at the same time that they bought Simpson, naturally, is still used in some instances. They use it for some of their lines of sprinkler and garden watering products.


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