Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art For Leica L Reviews

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★★★★ 4.0
   2 reviews
Manufacturer: Sigma
4.0 ★★★★
Based on 2 reviews.

Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 DG DN Art review so far

Verdict: The Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 DG DN Art is an ultra-wide-angle lens designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras and available in the Sony E and Leica L mounts, the latter working on Leica, Panasonic and Sigma L-mount bodies.
2 years ago

Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art Review

★★★★ 4.0
Verdict: The Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art captures wide views with loads of detail, and offers weather protection, adding appeal for landscape and outdoor photographers.
The Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art ($1,399) is the company's first ultra-wide zoom lens designed for mirrorless systems. The benefits are clear—it's smaller and lighter than the 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art for SLR systems, and just as well built. It's yet another excellent lens from Sigma, at a very competitive price, and one that you shouldn't hesitate to add to your kit when shopping for an ultra-wide zoom. It's also an Editors' Choice. The Widest F2.8 We've seen full-frame zooms that go wider than 14mm, but none that open to f/2.8. If you use a Sony system, you can opt for the FE 12-24mm F4 G for a larger view of the world, but at the cost of a full stop of light. If you use an L-mount camera, this is the widest zoom available with autofocus support at press time. But even with its big angle of view and f/2.8 design, the Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art isn't overly large. It's designed for mirrorless system, which means its rear optics are closer to the image sensor, which vastly si...
  • Ultra-wide angle of view
  • Strong optical performance, even at f/2.8
  • All-weather build
  • Fluorine protection
  • Rear filter support
  • Native design for Sony and L-mount mirrorless systems
  • Resolution drops slightly at 24mm
  • Some visible distortion
2 years ago

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