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From the most humble of beginnings, the Shure brand of audio electronics has grown. It started in Chicago in the 1920s when company founder Sidnery N. Shure began making radio component kits available. These were the days prior to factory built radios, and so many people quickly purchased his products in order to enjoy the burgeoning broadcast industry.

The company grew rapidly, but within five years the Great Depression hit, and combined with factory built radios becoming readily available, the Shure Radio Company began to struggle. To offset the challenges, the firm also began selling radio components along with microphones. As one of only four manufacturers of such specialized gear in the U.S., the Shure microphones were a very wise product line to develop.

Not content to simply provide basic styles, Shure innovated and created the first high performance and lightweight microphones, a rarity of the era. They then created a condenser microphone, crystal microphone and were awarded a patent for a suspension support system for using microphones.

By 1939 the Shure name had become the most recognizable in microphones around the world, and were being put to use in studios and for some of the most famous public speeches of the era. As WWII began, the firm was able to contract with the U.S. armed forces to supply them with all of their microphone needs, being able to quickly meet MILSPEC (military standards) and quality controls.

At the end of the war, they created a phonograph cartridge that could handle LP and 78RPM records, making them the most sought out brand in the industry. By the1950s, they had started to shrink the sizes of their microphones and had even crated the very first wireless microphone system. Their innovative spirit carried into the 1960s as they created one of the best phonograph cartridges ever known, their V-15 Stereo Dynetic Cartridge. They also created the microphone that is still at work on the U.S. President's lecterns today, their SM57 Dynamic Microphone.

The reliability and quality of Shure's microphones guaranteed that they would be used in the most famous and prestigious settings and events of their era, and from the world of live rock and roll performances to presidential addresses, the Shure brand was at work. It was even the brand used at the famous 1969 concert event known simply as "Woodstock".

Refining their technologies and seeking to meet consumer demands during the 1970s through the 1990s, Shure would improve the sound capabilities on studio and performance microphones, design components for one of the earliest teleconferencing systems, and continue to make advances into the wireless markets. They also became involved in digital technologies, and would garner some of the biggest awards for audio technology.

At the turn of the century, Shure was a global organization and kept right on innovating. They created some of the earliest sound isolating earphones, a microphone that could bring studio sound to live performances, and large scale wireless systems for performance spaces. Inducted into several "halls of fame" for their design, it was Shure microphones that appeared on the desks of late night hosts like Jay Leno and Johnny Carson, that captured every word of President Barack Obama's comments in his hometown of Chicago when he won his first election, and worked in the studio to record Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album.

Clearly, Shure is a brand that has been involved in audio electronics since the very beginning and has adapted to market demands while also exploring the science of sound. Making some of the best headsets as well as microphones, they are the preferred brand of professionals, audiophiles, and sound enthusiasts alike.

The Shure Products Today

The current list of Shure products makes it clear that they are one of the top brands for people in many industries, and their series includes:

  • Microphones - Designed for vocal, instrument, guitar, headset, broadcasting, home recording, drums, and more
  • Wireless microphones - A tremendous line of products that include specialty designs
  • Earphones
  • Headphones
  • Monitoring
  • Conferencing
  • Broadcast and media production
  • Mixers and DSP
  • DJ and Phone
  • Software

It is more than 80 years since Shure began as a radio components firm, and today it is a global leader in audio technology. No matter what your need, they have a high performance solution.

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