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Sewing Machines Buying Guide

Making your own clothes, or even just repairing them, can be very rewarding. It can also save you money, and give you a wonderful way to express your creativity and fashion flair. Do you need many more reasons to buy a sewing machine?

What Can You Afford?

Your first consideration when buying a sewing machine, as it is with pretty much every purchase, is affordability. With so many brands and models on the market, there will be machines that fit within your budget but the temptation to immediately go for the cheapest could cost you in the long run. Cheap machines with weak housing, inferior parts including needles and low-powered motors, could mean on-going repairs. Look beyond the price tag and see what gives you good value and performance, rather than just a rock bottom purchasing price. The better-known sewing machine brands usually offer the best value - and performance - in low-cost machines, so look for names such as Janome, Brother or Singer.

A Quality Motor Before Features

The motor is the heart of the sewing machine, and plays a big part in your purchasing decision. While a dazzling array of features and stitches will capture your attention, it's the motor that will keep your machine running smoothly. So, look at the motor's capabilities before you look at all the bells and whistles elsewhere. Low-cost models from reputable brands boast decent motors that can handle fabrics of varying weights, so don't assume you'll have to pay a fortune.

Do You Need Every Single Feature?

In the case of sewing machines, the more you pay for it, the more features you can expect. But will you use all those features? In the competitive sewing machine market, manufacturers are always looking at innovations to keep them one step ahead of their competitors. But while these features are usually very good, will you use them? Be brutally honest about the main tasks you want your machine to handle and pay only for the features that will help you complete those tasks.

Looking Ahead

If you're a novice to the world of sewing, your first sewing machine purchase will probably be of the more basic variety. But, as you learn more about sewing, and become more confident, you'll probably want to venture into areas that go beyond "basic". With this in mind, your initial purchase should be a level or two above your current sewing standard, assuming you'll improve and grow as you use the sewing machine more and more.

Easy As...Or Is It?

Things like threading the needle, changing stitch types and altering the needle position are tasks you'll carry out regularly on your sewing machine. How easy it for you to do these things? Some machines make it simple, and keeping it simple makes sewing a more pleasurable experience. While you're researching the features on your new sewing machine, check out how many of those features actually make it easier to use your sewing machine.

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