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You may know the name Sennheiser as a premium brand of headphones and microphones, as well as a maker of high fidelity gar such as headsets for professionals, but it did not begin as an audio company at all.

History of Sennheiser

The period after World War II was one in which tremendous industrialization occurred around the globe, and in Germany there was a tremendous surge in the number of firms and factories that appeared. One of the earliest firms to appear is what we know today as Sennheiser. Founded only a few short weeks after the war came to an end, it began as Laboratorium Wennebostel and was cranking out voltmeters as a means to restore the economy, create jobs and give Germany a place in the rapidly changing global market.

The firm was a success, and the seven engineers that came together to found "Lab W" turned their attention to the creation of sound equipment, with microphones as their first product line. Within ten years, they had more than 200 staff and were making an array of high tech sound equipment, including noise compensating microphones and geophysical gear. They renamed the firm Sennheiser in 1958, and then ten years later they were the world's first manufacturer of open headphones.

Naturally, this tech was entirely unique and impacted the audio industry. They just kept on innovating and by the 1980s were the sole supplier of aviation headsets to Luftansa. In the early 80s they also began work on wireless gear, as well, and started to receive industry recognition for the superiority of their equipment, including winning an Oscar for the design of one of their microphones.

This much attention required the firm to go global and they began opening distant branches around Europe and the US. in the 90s. Because they have always been on the cutting edge, they have long held a strong reputation in the audio industry and with sound, music, and recording experts, but also in aviation and other areas, too.

Today, they are known for their headphones and microphones, but also their multimedia, business, and aviation headsets, too. They make amplifiers and components, as well as speakers. Popular in the consumer market, they make a range of headphones that buyers choose by application.

The Current Consumer Hot Products

Among Sennheiser's line of headset and headphone applications are products designed for:

  • Sport
  • Travel
  • Music/Entertainment
  • Home audio/TV
  • High end
  • Gaming
  • DJ
  • Assistive Listening
  • Internet Telephony

Professional headsets are available for broadcast, aviation, and studio use. The models range from over the ear and on the ear to the popular in-ear or "earbuds". They are also the makers of office and contact centre headsets, microphones and wireless systems, and integrated systems for business.

However, their most well-known products remain the headsets and consumer goods. Innovative as always, Sennheiser does release new models on a regular basis. Per the company's data, their biggest products are:

  • Wireless headphones - Including their RS line, MM line, Urbanite, and Momentum lines too.
  • CX In-ear headphones and headsets.
  • Noise cancelling headphones - Including their MM line, PXC models, CXC earbuds, and some travel models.
  • HD 800 - Their top of the line headphones are called "audio technology at its finest" and are handmade with the largest transducers ever to create one of the world's best listening experiences.
  • Bluetooth headsets - Including their MM line, VMX products, Presences Basic, EZK line, Urbanite, and Momentum lines.
  • Urbanite line - As one of the highest quality and yet well priced options on the market, they are available as wireless models, on ear, and in a wide range of colors.
  • PC headsets - Five models are available and range from neckband styles to full headsets suited to gaming, VoIP, music, and more.
  • Smartphone headsets - Because so many use their phones as media devices too, there are more than 12 options for those looking to enjoy Sennheiser quality sound. These include the MM line, the HD line, and the CX 275s.
  • Momentum - A designer brand that is the utmost in technology and craft, they include on ear wireless models as well as 2nd generation, in-ear as well as circumaural models.

As a leader in audio equipment, Sennheiser just keeps on producing some of the top consumer and professional devices and is the "go to" brand for true sound aficionados.

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