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Seagate is one of the most well known companies in the world when it comes to data storage options. This American company was incorporated in 1979 under the name Shugart Technology. While their main executive office is in Cupertino, California in the United States, they are incorporated in Dublin, Ireland.

The Early Days of Seagate

Al Shugart was the president of Shugart Associates, a company that made floppy disk drives. He, along with Tom Mitchell, Dough Mahon, Syed Iftikar, and Finis Conner decided to start a new company that would focus on other developing aspects of the emerging data storage market. They changed their name from Shugart to Seagate as a way to avoid legal complications with Xerox. At the time, Shugart other company was actually a subsidiary of Xerox.

The company released their first product around a year after incorporating. They introduced theST-506, a 5-megabyte hard disk to fit into the mini floppy drives of the day. The disk proved to be very popular, and they followed it up with another version that was twice as large. This was popular, as well, and it led to a contract with IBM as an OEM dealer to provide the hard disks for their first personal computer. Their connection to IBM was integral to their growth in the early days.

Seagate continued to create disks with larger and larger capacities, introducing the ST-225 20MB version and then the ST-238 30MB version. As PCs became more powerful, the need for larger and better drives grew. Not only were they growing larger, they were faster, as well. This allowed people to record and save data in less time. While Seagate spent some effort working with mainframe drives, they also started to delve into external drives. They began finding more and better ways that they could create products that were durable, dependable, and that were large enough to meet the greater computing and storage needs of businesses and individuals alike.

In 1989, the company acquired Imprimis Technology from Control Data. This was Imprimis Technology disk storage division, and the acquisition helped Seagate to gain an even greater market share.

In 1993, the company received the honor of becoming the first company to ship 50 million HDDs over their history. They merged with Conner Peripherals three years later, and this made them the largest independent hard drive manufacturer in the world. The 1990s also saw them establish Seagate Research in Pittsburgh. This facility focused on the research and development of new technologies and prototypes. In 1999, the company shipped their 250 millionth hard drive.

It took them only seven years to go from 50 million to 250, which shows just how important this field was and how quickly the computer market was growing. The number of shipped units is also a testament to their brand and the trust that people put into it. This number continued to grow, and still continues. In 2013, they announced that they shipped two billion HDDs.

The Modern Era

In 2000, Seagate became a private company again. This was an effort to unlock the 33% ownership that Seagate had in Veritas Software Corporation. The company was incorporated in the Grand Cayman Islands, where it remained private for just two years before becoming public again.

They went back to work in the HDD market and provided drives for many notebook computers, and even for the iPods that were hitting the market in the early 2000s. Just as PCs had needed larger storage options in the past, all of the mobile devices that were getting popular needed to have those greater and greater storage options now. Seagate has been there to offer these drives for cameras, MP3 players, and more.

The company is creating and selling a number of different products today. They are selling to manufacturers for their devices, and they are selling to the consumer market. Seagate has internal and external hard drives for desktops and laptops, both Mac and PC. They make products of different storage capacities and price points, which helps them to appeal to all sorts of consumers. The company has a great name and a stellar reputation in the field, given the quality of their products.


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