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If you think of cooking in the 1950s you might be tempted to envision the iconic scene of a dedicated housewife working in her gleaming and contemporary kitchen. Does that vision also include non-stick cast aluminum cookware with ceramic titanium coating? That probably sounds like something that belongs more in a modern kitchen than one from the 50s, but this was the period when Scanpan was starting to create its amazing line of non-stick products.

Started in Denmark in the 1950s, the brand has withstood the test of time and developed a strong fan following around the world. Whether it is a professional or home kitchen, there are Scanpan solutions available. Additionally, whether a cook wants stainless steel, copper, or a specialty metal or product, the Scanpan line delivers a remarkable array of options and choices.

The Scanpan World

Based in Denmark, around 75% of the products produced are exported. The factory in Aarhus, Denmark ships to subsidiaries in Finland, China, Singapore, Norway, and the United States.

Where the cookware is concerned, Scanpan has several product lines:

* Classic

* Professional

* IQ



* Impact

* Fusion 5

* Maitre D'

The groups of cookware are extensive, with options such as:

* Pots

* Frying pans

* Grill pans

* Saute pans

* Roasting pans

* Saucepans

* Woks

* Steamers

* Glass lids

* Steel lids

* Specialty goods

They also make cutlery that includes the Classic, Spectrum, and Tableware lines, and which includes another long list of groups:

* Bread knives

* Utility knives

* Chef's knives

* Carving knives

* Oriental knives

* Sharpeners

* Shears

* Sets

* Cutting Boards

* Knife blocks

What has contributed to Scanpan's long success story is not only the impressive durability and quality of the products, but also the simple fact that the company strives to make environmentally friendly cookware.

Relying on stainless steel and recycled aluminum minimizes environmental impact of the entire production process. This is a pretty revolutionary step, and Scanpan was the first cookware and kitchen product maker to do so. They are also proud of the fact that their products are entirely free of harmful PFOS and PFOA that could be easily transferred into the foods prepared in the cookware.

In fact, there is a 2015 requirement for all kitchen equipment to be free of PFOA, but Scanpan had accomplished this goal back in 2008 in order to be ahead of the game. This makes them among the very first manufacturers of eco-friendly non-stick pots and pans.

Recognition for Scanpan

Of course, their fifty years of success is evidence enough of the fact that they make good products, but the firm also receives regular awards and recognition of their work. In 2013, they received the Danish Industry Initiative Prize, and were invited to participate in a display of Danish Design at the Sydney Opera House.

Naturally, this sort of recognition has to be based on far more than good-looking, eco-friendly cookware. A look at the production process used by the firm makes it easy to see just why it is the recipient of so much recognition, and why it remains a consumer and professional favorite.

It begins with those high quality, recycled materials. These raw ingots are placed into the factory's massive melting pots, and this premium material is then hand casted into the " mould and die-cast under 250 tonnes of pressure... 30,000-degree-hot titanium is bonded to the compressed aluminium and a non-stick coating is applied and tempered." (, 2014)

Far from the massive production lines of shoddy cookware marketed through cheap retail outlets, the pans and vessels made by Scanpan are given a lot of attention to detail, and created with a nearly fail-proof technique. After all, the even heat distribution through this process evenly tempers the metal and prepares it for the proprietary coating that is combined with a patented ceramic titanium technology.

Five decades and ongoing success demonstrates the quality of this brand. Whether it is a simple set of pots and pans or a well tempered set of cutlery, it is a name that translates to quality. With its made in Denmark label it is also a firm proud of tradition and working hard to ensure that quality is a hallmark of the brand.

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★★★★★ 2.0
18 Dec 2010
Coating failed
Coating only lasted 7 years - they are not as good as what they say. For the price you pay for them I would expect a better life. Dissapointed.

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