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A Korean firm known for its high quality and yet affordable optics, Samyang is currently a well-known manufacturer of camera lenses, cine lenses, t-mount lenses, and CCTV lenses.

With a history dating back only to 1972, it might seem that Samyang got a late start in the world of optics. Emerging before the digital age but well into the optical lens era, they enjoyed rapid-fire success an were the winner of a Foreign Trade Association award within ten years of starting operations. Having exported more than ten million lenses in that time span, they were clearly in demand and of the utmost quality.

Numerous awards were received within their first two decades of operation, including science awards and business awards among them. This proved the firm's dedication to success and quality, but also to innovation. Within 20 years of their founding, Samyang was releasing one of the first CCTV lenses and then winning awards for their technologies.

They received the coveted ISO 14001 certification in 2005, evidence of their dedication to quality and continuity, and within the next few years they truly exploded into the hybrid, aspheric, and digital lens markets. Since 2010, Samyang has developed and released scores of high quality, DSLR lenses that are interchangeable and even award winning. In fact, Practical Photography awarded the group their "Gear of the Year" award.

Their Products

Samyang may have really expanded their designs over the years, but they haven't slowed down as digital photography and optics are still in sharp and growing demand. Because they design on the Nikon F-Mount type, meaning it is an interchangeable lens design for SLR and DSLR, almost any photographer can use their gear. Their top products include:

  • Photo lenses - With four new releases in 2015 alone, they have macro to fish eye lenses available. They offer 100mm to 8mm and faster lenses with F2.8 up to F6.3.
  • Cine lenses - Still not happy to sit back on their laurels, the firm has a huge range of cinema specific lenses available as well, with ranges of 100mm to 7.5mm and most as VDSLR options. Some fisheye models are available, as well.
  • T-Mount lenses - Powerful zooms, they have a range of five incredibly high quality options with 1300mm to 500mm and three with mirrors.
  • CCTV - The growing demand for CCTV means that specialty lenses are becoming a marketable item. No longer are camera owners simply running their equipment for security. There are night cameras for wildlife and so many other possibilities. This is why Samyang developed mega-pixel lenses as well as vari-focal lenses. The mega pixel lenses have focal lengths of 2.8mm to 10mm and can work with a range of mounts (CS or Board Mount Bayonet). The varif-focal lenses have focal lengths of 2.8 to an impressive 50mm and also provide a range of mounting options.

It is an impressive range of options that Samyang has made and continues to make available. This includes the manual focus prime lenses that will work with standard and digital body cameras. The cine lenses have clickless aperture stops and follow focus gears, as well.

Company Focus

The motto for Samyang, at least the unofficial motto, is "satisfaction, more than you imagine.” It is clear that they are designing to prove this point. They are known for reasonable prices, but also for the quality and forward-thinking design that their optics incorporate.

Interestingly enough, the firm's innovation is also driving their company vision. They note that they want their buyers to capture the moment fast and accurately, that they want clear and sharp imagery, and that they want to be seen as an aid to your finest photography and videography. To do so, the company has firmly committed itself to be customer oriented, hyper responsive in terms of the evolution in the optic's industry, and dedicated to a healthy and cooperative workplace.

Vision for vision is what they are proposing, and as it has driven their success for the past 40 years it is likely to continue to do so now. If you are a consumer in search of an affordable and well-designed optic for your SLR or DSLR, or even for a video system, Samyang is likely the ideal brand to select.

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Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 For Nikon Z
9 Elements in 7 Groups
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