Samsung WV16M9945KV Reviews

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Manufacturer: Samsung
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Samsung FlexWash Dual Load Washer

Pros: The machine is good quality and easy to use
Cons: I wish it had more general wash option on the 2.5kg top loader
9 months ago

Huge! Huge! Huge!

Verdict: Brilliant! Cannot be happier with my new Samsung flexiwash 16KG. If you have a tiny laundry room do not buy this as it is HUGE! It gobbles up laundry in a trice and washes everything I have thrown at it. Fits a queen doona no trouble.
5 months ago

Fantastic W/Machine

Verdict: Very happy with this w/machine, takes large loads, items washed really clean, spins to almost dry. Choice of water temps, no. of rinses and severity of spins for large drum. Smaller drum on top uses cold water only for lighter items eg: pantyhose.
1 year ago

great for large items

Verdict: I bought online 2 months ago , and it's brilliant . I like you can add items after the washer started.
4 months ago
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