Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Amity EDT 100ml Reviews

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★★★★★ 4.5
   9 reviews
Manufacturer: Salvatore Ferragamo
4.5 ★★★★★
Based on 9 reviews.

My Favorite Fragrance need to buy more just in case you know what I mean $$

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: Hello now this fragrance is my favorite I really love this soft scent I get a lot of complements on this fragrance a lot . I actually bought two and one bottle is gone already and on the second one now. Need to order more. Thank you so much EBay for all my fragrances keep coming.
8 years ago

Terrific for an online gamble

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: This is quite strong, I smelled it all day and could still smell it on my wrist after taking a shower. It's quite floral but not sickenly so, it doesn't give me an instant migraine or make me gag.
4 years ago

I can't beleive I went all this time without this perfume!

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: I was just recently introduced to Incanto a family member was wearing it and I loved it! It's soft and it lasts all day, I get a lot of complements. Can't believe I went all these years without this perfume. I recommend it!
8 years ago

Super scent!

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: My signature perfume which attracts many complimentary comments. Have already purchased a bottle on line for a friend. It arrived in 4 days, very carefully packed. Would highly recommend.
8 years ago

"Pretty in Pink"

★★★★ 4.0
Verdict: On Saturday I went shopping, I felt a bit down so I spent a fortune to cheer myself up, on of my numerous buys was this absolutely stunning perfume . Salvatore Ferragamo, who until Saturday I had never heard of, makes the perfume .
  • Smells gorgeous
  • looks really pretty
  • last well
  • May be difficult to find
17 years ago

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Amity EDT 100ml

★★★★★ 3.0
Verdict: This fragrance is just ok for me....these are the notes: Top notes are melon and mandarin orange; middle notes are jasmine, lotus and white peach; base notes are cedar and white musk....I would say I definitely smell the watermelon and orange and musk...
7 years ago

I use this perfume to wash my genital organs. It work like shilajeet.

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: After selling all my engineering books. I got 3 set of this spray, Perfume is delicious, i use to drink it with water. Its bitter but tasty although i failed in the exams and now on "footpath". But this spray/perfume is only my life, i can't live without it....
8 years ago

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: Yes, I have tried Charms and just bought my first bottle. Love the stuff.. First impression is Green is very playful and spirited.. I would even go so far as to say spunky. Puts me in a great Can DO Mood.. Love the original Incanto too!
15 years ago

Lies Between Trésor and Tuscany per Donna

★★★★ 3.8
Verdict: Ferragamo's INCANTO opens with a big bold shower of peach and plum, making it impossible for me not to think of TUSCANY PER DONNA and TRESOR. The peach dominates in all three of these creations and is harmoniously blended with a variety of floral and spice elements.
9 years ago

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