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When you think of modern corporations you might imagine them coming into existence in the 1900s, or even at some time in the 1800s. However, few of us envision a modern corporation as something out of the 1700s, but this is precisely when Salter (known officially as Salter Housewares) was created.

It was in a quiet corner of England in the late 1700s that Richard Salter created his first "pocket steelyard". At that time, a steelyard was a balance or scale, and though Salter's invention was nothing like a steelyard, it served a similar function - it weighed things.

Salter's invention was actually a first of its kind, a "spring scale". Salter had been working as a spring maker, and it was a natural that he should devise this innovative way of weighing objects through the use of a spring.

Remarkably accurate, these scales became a popular item. In fact, they were such a success that by the 1820s, Salter was making grain scales and within a few more years, the firm was in the hands of Richard Salter's nephew George, and became George Salter & Co. It was from this time onward that the company would establish itself as a major producer of high quality scales.

Between the 1820s and the current era, Salter's scales included balance scales, post office scales, infrared scales, and more. The firm was also involved in other "housewares" and would be the first to introduce the bathroom scale and the typewriter. They also made products such as irons, coin operated machines, and potato chippers. (, 2014)

The Salter family maintained ownership of the growing firm through the 1950s, but by the 1970s it was sold to another company and divided into a few separate entities, one of them being a "weighing" group. When the same company purchased more firms during the next two decades, the weighing group was changed to Salter Housewares.

At that time the emphasis was on commercial weighing devices, but in a very short period of time the group once again changed hands and the focus was returned to consumer housewares and weighing devices. By 2004, another acquisition transpired, and Salter Housewares was merged again and is today part of a larger group that still focuses on personal wellness products, including scales.

Salter Housewares has a presence in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Its products are distributed in more than 100 countries, and it remains the top-selling brand of bathroom scales in the U.K. Salter Housewares, as a global company maintains a website as well as making its products available online and in "brick and mortar" establishments. They are found in many popular U.K. stores such as TESCO, Selfridges, and Sainsbury's as well as top online vendors such as Amazon or scalesexpress.

The Current Lineup

Salter Housewares has kept up with the original innovations that created Salter in the first place, and many of their current models feature integrative features that make health and wellness a much easier task. Special sensors for measuring body fat or water levels, luggage scales to make travel more convenient, and precision equipment by Heston Blumental for true cooking enthusiasts are just a few of their innovations.

The modern emphasis remains on quality scales, however, and they offer:

* Kitchen scales

* Personal scales

* Analyzer scales - designed to measure weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass and more. Most have memory and modes and most will integrate with a smartphone or other tech.

* Baby scales - innovative scales that integrate with computer technologies to allow parents to track baby weight and data easily.

* Travel scales and accessories

* Kitchen accessories - salt and pepper mills, knife sharpeners, timers, rolling pins, measuring devices, spatulas, whisks, frothers, and more.

* Precision scales

* Blood pressure devices

Accuracy and effectiveness are the overall hallmarks of the Salter Housewares products. With more than two hundred years of experience in producing quality goods, the firm can certainly claim to understand their industry. Precision measurements are made easier than ever with Salter scales, and the high ranking they maintain in the U.K. market demonstrates that they are a brand to trust for many houseware needs.

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