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Within the past few decades it has become widely accepted that there are no such things as "stuff just for boys" or "stuff just for girls", and yet there are still things that are mostly meant for one or the other. Garments, as a good example, are often designed for the typical bodily structures of males and females, and though both genders want well-made and well-designed garments, it is difficult to get universally made clothing suitable to both genders. Instead, there are lines meant for the ladies and lines meant for the gents.

This is exactly why the brand known as Roxy was created. As a subsidiary of the Quiksilver line of garments and gear for men, it provided women looking for surfing and snow sporting garments and gear with a stylish solution.

The brand was established in 1993 and has board sports (snow and surfing) at the heart of its overall theme. However, a look at the products in the brand will demonstrate that its designers understand that these sports also become part of a broader lifestyle and that modern athletes are attentive to fashion even as they perfect their moves. This is why the brand"s line of products features:

Clothing - As might be anticipated, this is a line that features tops of all types, dresses, rompers, bottoms, and more. The lineup includes seasonal lookbooks and collections, too.

Swim - The full array of tops and bottoms, boardshorts, one piece suits, and coverups are available for both casual and active wearers.

Accessories - This incorporates such items as hats, scarves, socks, sunglasses, watches, wallets, backpacks, bags, and tech cases.

Shoes - Casual shoes, sandals, and boots of all kinds are available in this line.

Fitness - Specialty sporting wear includes garments designed for yoga, running, and water sports.

Kids - Created for girls of all ages - from six years old to six months, this line includes swimming gear, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, snow clothing, surfing garments, and more.

Surf - A line meant specifically for surfers including leggings, accessories, boardshorts, rashguards, and more

Snow - Includes snow pants, jackets, gear, and accessories

Each season offers up a new "lookbook" that reveals the spirit of the latest designs. These are consistently in line with the lifestyle themes of boarding enthusiasts and are usually extraordinarily creative, colorful, and yet very wearable looks. They have a distinctly "global community" feel to them and are some of the most reasonably priced fashions on the market.

The garments have both a mountain and beach look and appeal that easily transcends any contemporary boundaries in fashion. Plaid with tie-dye, military with fringe, beach with boots...these wild and yet workable combinations exist within each season of Roxy fashions. Then there is the sporting gear that is designed for the environments in which they will be worn but to also bring the wearer a stronger sense of self and fashion wherever they might be.

Shoppers can buy directly from the manufacturer or at authorized dealers and Roxy stores. The company website has a simple search tool to find locations.

The Roxy Brand

The brand itself, though based in Huntington Beach, California is actually owned by an Australian parent company. This is one of the largest makers of surf and board sport gear and garments in the world. And a look at the Quicksilver logo would reveal that the Roxy logo is simply a heart created by inverting the mountain peak that serves as the iconic Quicksilver tag.

This parent firm was started in 1969 and currently employs almost eight thousand people around the globe. It includes Roxy, Quicksilver, and the DC Shoes brands. This distinguishes it as both youthful and sporting in terms of its overall design and esthetic.

The company wisely keeps in touch with its younger audience through innovative and creative blogs themed according to the interests of its buyers. The firm also maintains a persistent presence on the most popular forms of social media and even hosts an appealing video channel to allow its clientele to check out the very latest in competitions, clothing, music, and related events.

The Roxy name is a lifestyle brand that thinks outside of the box. This makes perfect sense because the entire esthetic is meant to be for those who love the outdoors and lead active, yet fashion-conscious lifestyles in all parts of the world.

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