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Among the top names in Australian kitchen and laundry appliances and systems are Alto, Ironing Centre, Supertub, and several more, and yet these products all belong to a parent firm known as Robinhood. This umbrella company is a leading name in innovation and is known for providing consumers with only finest goods in Australia, New Zealand and even the United States.

A Look at Robinhood

With more than 27 years in the business, Robinhood can be said to really know and understand its market, which is modern homeowners. The emphasis of its product lines is functionality and good looks, and it has been building a reputation for some of the most appealing home products for many years.

Most of Robinhood's products are manufactured and sourced in Australia and New Zealand. The company's current market includes the United States as well as Australia and New Zealand, and many products have up to five-year warranties.

Their products are known for their excellence in quality, and Robinhood's vision is to offer only the best goods, contemporary tech, and award winning design. In fact, each of their units or products is designed by engineers using only the most advanced CAD software. Any item is going to incorporate practicality and function into the components, and each of their kitchen and laundry components is seen as a high performance piece.

Robinhood's Products

As indicated, Robinhood is the parent company of Alto, Ironing Centre, Uniduct, Supertub, and Scrapbeater. These are each known as premium brands in their respective product categories.

The current array of categories designed and sold through Robinhood includes:

* Rangehoods

* Canopies (for walls, islands, and compact spaces)

* Lighting for rangehoods

* Pull out taps

* Complete Sink Sets

* Cooktops

* Ovens

* Ironing Centers

* Supertubs

* Ducting Systems

The Robinhood design and development experts are also known for incorporating truly innovative features into even some of the most mundane products. For example, they have only recently designed and implemented some of the following tech into their different components:

* Dimmable lighting

* Touch screen switches

* One-piece workstations for their Supertub units

* Backsplash baskets

* Three way ball valves

The goal of any of their newest innovations is strictly to enhance the efficiency and functionality of their products. The firm has created a solid reputation for providing such high function partnered with appealing good looks, and so it is a top name in the regional market.

Finding Robinhood

Based in New Zealand, the products are widely available in real world stores throughout the country, as well as in Australia. Popular retailers include chains such as Hardings, Michael's Appliance Centre, Radio Rentals, Reece, Betta, Retravision, and more. The firm has a detailed website that gives specifics about each product category and the newest items available.

As the company indicates, "...behind every Robinhood product is a warranty of one to five years," and full customer support is something the firm is well known for delivering.

Form and Functions

From the appealing and unique packaging in which every single Robinhood product arrives (every component comes in a fully illustrated carton that gives all of the details a consumer would need to fully understand the item and its functions) to the superb style that is applied to its design, the company clearly places a major emphasis on both form and function. In fact, their design mission is to provide balance between "function, form and fashion" while simplifying daily tasks and allowing the owner to boost the visual appeal of their home.

For 2014, Robinhood has designed some impressively stylish new items that include a "hide it away" range hood that is concealed as installed, a curved glass island glass range hood, a ten function fan forced pyrolytic electric oven, and an "industrial aesthetics" multiple function dual nozzle tap. Each of these new products is a prime example of the function and form that is the goal of any Robinhood design.

As a brand known for quality and innovation for more than two decades, Robinhood is keeping up with its sterling reputation. User-friendly, style conscious, and optimally functional, the components made available will provide solid and workable solutions to almost any kitchen or laundry challenge.

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